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  • Global Industry Advisory Champions (GIAC) validated syllabus
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Our partnership with The DMI has enabled a host of advantages for the students that are passionate about pursuing a career in digital marketing. With a unique set of cutting-edge courses, the students could choose a course that best aligns with their interest. The DMI has enabled over 18,000 graduates across 100 countries worldwide to establish a strong foothold in the digital marketing industry.

The certifications from the DMI have been validated and reviewed by the Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC), which is formed by the most renowned brands across the world. Thus, you can be assured of acquiring the skills that would set you apart in the most promising industry presently.

The course material has been designed keeping in mind the global demand and the superior standards set by the industry. The syllabus has been accredited and validated by the Global Industry Advisory Champions (GIAC) which gives the curriculum an edge over the others. You would get access to the premium content in the form of videos, podcasts, and lectures delivered by industry stalwarts that would help you render exceptional performance when you step out in the industry.

The certified courses are relevant across the globe and thereby make you a part of the global community. The digital expertise derived from learning at ADMC would ensure that your career transforms at an unprecedented pace and takes a progressive leap.

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