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Digital has made a difference to almost every industry in today’s world. If you want to keep abreast with the industry in its digital transformation then The ADMC has got a plethora of courses to facilitate your transformation.

Whether you are looking for a career change, for up-skilling or are interested in knowing about the digital world, the varied programs offered at the ADMC will help you achieve your desired goals. Our programs are conceived and delivered by industry stalwarts with eons of experience in the digital space.

The ADMC edge programs range from one year full-time to a 16 hours foundation course. As a learner you get to pick programs based on your requirements and convenience. These courses will help you learn about digital tools, as well as important concepts such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Influencer Marketing among others. 

You can click on the various digital marketing short courses listed below, or alternatively can you call us so that our Digital Career Advisors can help you pick the right program suited for your needs.

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  • Certificate Program in Digital Media Marketing

    16 HOURS, OPEN

    Get acquainted with the technical knowhow and practical tactics to design strategies with this uniquely crafted digital marketing course.

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  • Advanced Social Media Advertising

    40 HOURS, OPEN

    Learn everything there is to know about social media platforms – their in-depth features and how to market/communicate on them.

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  • Certificate Program in Search Engine Marketing

    48 HOURS, OPEN

    A practical, hands-on program that revolves around the industry-standard Google Adwords program.

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  • Certificate Program in Search Engine Optimisation

    24 HOURS, OPEN

    Learn how to apply the latest SEO techniques and advanced data design principles to maximize your website search rankings.

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  • Certificate Program in Programmatic Buying and Selling

    18 + 2 HOURS, OPEN

    Learn the art and science of media buying (and planning) that simplifies this process for planners.

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