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When creating digital advertising campaign recommendations today, there is a vast multitude of channels, ad units, technology platforms, and partnerships available to select from – making planning and strategy more complicated than ever before. Programmatic Buying is the art and science of media buying (and planning) that simplifies this process for planners. Simply put, Programmatic Media Buying is the use of technology to automate and optimize the ad buying process in real-time. Programmatic buying tools utilizes data analysis and real-time bidding to maximize ROI for online display, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns.

The Certificate Program in Programmatic Buying & Media Planning is a hands-on program that uses a Programmatic Buying Simulator allowing participants to actually create a media plan & implement it end-to-end.

Our Media Planning & Buying Course will equip participants to gain the base-line knowledge to plan media campaigns in a scientific manner. The program is not limited to just theoretical knowledge but actually provides practical training creating confident media planners with a clear edge over their peers.

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Program Structure

The program is divided into 4 modules. The modules deal with different topics on Digital Media Marketing and will be conducted over weekends

Module 1 :Day 1
Evolution of digital advertising (until 20120 minutes)

Advertisers Publishers Ad Networks Ad Exchanges Digital advertising 2008 – present 60 minutes Rise Of Social Platforms Dawn Of Programmatic Growing Role Of Technology In Advertising

Module 2 :Day 2

Current landscape & challenges 180 minutes Programmatic Buying & Ad Exchanges – DSP, SSP Key Enablers And Preconditions DSPs And ATD (Agency Trading Desks) Targeting Options

Module 3 :Day 3

Hands on experience 150 minutes Simulation Platform Live Demo And Campaign Set Up Hands on experience 30 minutes Q & A

Module 4 :Day 4

Hands on experience 90 minutes Understanding Bidding Hands on experience 90 minutes Programmatic Sales SSPs And PMPs

Module 5 :Day 5

Hands on experience 90 minutes DMPs Hands on experience 60 minutes Evolution Of Creative Hands on experience 30 minutes Q & A

Module 6 :Day 6

Hands on experience 180 minutes Ad Frauds Transparency Road Ahead

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