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Industry Statistics


The evolution of the digital ecosystem has resulted in a phenomenal increase in the number of internet users worldwide from 483mn in 2018 to 4.54bn at present, which includes 566mn users from India alone. Big data is the wizard in marketing that has enabled the collection and distillation of humongous amount of data. The global accessibility to data is at our fingertips since the advent of smartphones and smarter technology. A report from Goldman Sachs says that the digital industry in India is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025, which is three times its current value

Here are some insights about the digital marketing industry that will shape 2020 and the future ahead.

  • Industry Statistics

    Transformation stops at nothing

    There’s an exponential digital transformation being observed, thanks to the multitasking millennials and Gen Z in action. -Forbes Technology Council

  • Industry Statistics

    Era of evolving consumers

    Every marketer is aiming at engaging with Gen Z, for those are the consumers that will determine the future. -Gopa Kumar: COO, Isobar, DAN Digital Report 2020

  • Industry Statistics

    The surge of local

    Vernacular and regional content will garner unprecedented popularity in the year 2020 with the penetration of apps such as TikTok, Helo, Sharechat. - Vikas Chawla: Brand Equity, December 2019

  • Industry Statistics

    The reign of videos

    30% of the digital consumers watch more than 7 videos in a week merely through Whatsapp. - DAN Digital Report 2020

  • Industry Statistics

    Keep an eye on AI

    Onward 2020, AI will be an integral part of all the marketing strategies. - Suresh Babu: Founder & CEO Web Marketing Academy

  • Industry Statistics

    The entrepreneurial vision

    A significant career shift will lead to a surge in the number of entrepreneurs, specifically in the digital space.

  • Industry Statistics

    Adapt to the future

    By 2022, about 54% of the employees across the world would need upskilling or reskilling to adapt to the changing landscape of digital market. Also, India will have created 2.7mn opportunities across sectors that would need digital expertise. - Business Insider

What Will You Learn?


The PGPDM (Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing) is a full-time, intensive digital marketing program that ensures placement and overall career transformation. The curriculum is spread across four trimesters and is rooted in exhaustive research and experiential learning. The course is led by dignitaries of the digital marketing industry who add layers of experience to the knowledge they impart. By the time it ends, you would have transformed into a refined version of yourself, ready to adapt to this dynamic industry.

So, look no further. Prepare to Engage. Embrace. Evolve.


  • Introduction to Marketing Management

    Learn Branding, Customer Centricity, the limits of Product-Centric Thinking and Go to Market Strategies.

  • Fundamentals of Traditional Media

    Learn the role and use of various media and Media Mix and Media landscape through case studies and projects.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

    Learn about core digital marketing channels, how they affect each other and how they can work together in a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

  • Digital Technology

    Explore new communication tools like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Virtual Reality and their impact on digital marketing.

  • Online User Behavior

    Learn Online User Behaviour concepts to collect information about and analyse your business productivity.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Learn Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals, Keyword Research, equip yourself to run an SEM campaign, and prepare for the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) examination.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Learn how to build high-performance websites and use advanced SEO solutions that will boost your natural search rankings and increase site visits.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Understand the various Social Media Platforms and the finer nuances of Social Media Marketing.

  • Online Reputation Management & Online PR

    Learn effective brand strategies on Social Media and on Social Listening & Online Reputation Management.

  • Digital Content Writing

    Sharpen your content writing skills for the digital audience. Learn creating original content, repurposing content, content calendar creation, content batching and blogging brainstorm.

  • E-mail Marketing

    Learn to use appropriate behavioural targeting, integrating email with offline activities and assessing newsletter effectiveness.

  • Mobile Marketing

    This module is an introduction to this emerging channel, covering best practice, technical issues and insight into customer behaviour, all backed up by practical examples and the latest research.


  • Search Marketing - Advanced

    Learn Advanced Google Tools, Excel Techniques, Short Cuts, SEM Estimation, Planning, Strategy and case studies.

  • Social Media Marketing - Advanced

    Learn research and mapping, tools, tactics, targets and teams and developing an effective Social Media Strategy among others.

  • Digital Creative

    Learn holistic creative skills that will benefit your personal work and / or business online.

  • Digital Media Strategy

    Learn how the elements of a digital marketing strategy can bring customers to the business; understand the power of search engine optimization, paid search, social media, and online advertising.

  • Digital Data Analytics

    Learn introduction to digital data analytics, web and app analytics, data to decisions, E-Commerce Analysis, Real Time Reporting and Intelligence Reporting.

  • Social CRM

    Learn how to incorporate customer relationship management (CRM) analytics into your social media marketing strategy.

  • Digital Ad Sales

    Learn digital media products, targeting, measuring digital media, the mechanics of digital media, digital media math, selling digital media, ad operations, supporting digital sales, and recent media trends and products.

  • Digital Media Planning & Buying

    Understand the burgeoning digital media industry & the process of strategizing, negotiating, and purchasing ad placements, or ‘inventory’.

  • E-commerce

    Get an understanding of electronic commerce, introduction to electronic commerce and electronic business; evolution and trends in e-commerce; impacts of electronic commerce; market forces driving e-commerce.

  • Programmatic Buying

    Learn Programmatic buying, Key terms to communicate like a pro, Sales Organizations – Today and Tomorrow, Buyer Landscape – Today and Tomorrow.


  • Paid Internship


  • Paid Internship



The PGPDM Edge:
The ADMC Post Graduate Digital Marketing course trains participants to get industry certified with Global Certification Partners


ADMC is equipped with the resources and skillsets to mould students into digital marketing professionals. We train the students to become future-ready and ensure that they have a flourishing career with esteemed organisations or undertake entrepreneurial ventures. We encourage students to enrol for the “Career Transformation Program”, which is a full-time course designed to prepare the students to ace the digital marketing industry.

CTP trains you in:

Business Communication Business Etiquettes Personal Grooming and Body Language Presentation Skills Job Search Strategies Networking Off-Campus & On-Campus Recruitment Entrepreneurship

ADMC guarantees placement to all the students enrolling for PGPDM program. The expected CTC will vary with respect to work experience, academic background, and other factors pertaining to the industry. A minimum CTC of INR 3 lakhs is guaranteed to every student with a score above 70% in each module and an attendance above 80% during the tenure of PGPDM. Meet Our Placement Partners:

  • Group m
  • Hotstar
  • Ogilvy
  • WAT Consult
  • Dentsu AEGIS Network
  • Johnson And Johnson
  • LIQVD Asia
  • iProspect
  • Interactive Aveneus
  • Foxy Moron
  • Germin 8 Social Intelligence
  • Goldmine Advertising
  • Komli
  • Evolution co
  • Every Media
  • Blogadda.com Who Are You Reading Today?
  • The Small Big Idea
Before You Apply


  • Who should apply?

  • Eligibility

  • How to apply?

  • Educational loan

  • Campus Life & Life in Mumbai

  • Who should apply?

    Fresh Graduates & Job Seekers – to garner knowledge, be certified, and have a fulfilling career in digital marketing industry

    Marketing Professionals – to upgrade their digital marketing skills and channelize the same to evolve professionally

    Graduates of other disciplines – to diversify the expanse of their knowledge and adapt to the digitally evolving industry

    Sales Professionals – to elevate their performance by generating more and better leads

    Entrepreneurs – to gauge the trends of digital marketing industry and have a competitive advantage over the rest

  • Eligibility

    Bachelor's Degree from any AIU recognised University with minimum 50% marks aggregate. Final year students may also apply.

  • How to apply?

    To apply for the full-time PGPDM Program (2020) at the Academy for Digital Marketing Courses, ADMC, interested candidates need to complete an online application form or purchase a hard copy of the form for Rs.1000/- (This can directly be purchased from the Institute)

    The application should be duly filled out in its entirety. Incomplete forms shall be rejected.

    Original documents/mark sheets should not be shared along with the application form. Candidates are required to submit attested photocopies only.

    Where to send filled up application forms

    Purchased, completed applications must be sent to the admissions office at the address below

    Admissions Office

    The Academy for Digital Marketing Courses, ADMC, 7th Floor, Crystal Plaza, Kalina, Santacruz (E),Mumbai - 400098


    [email protected]


    +91 9930925822 / +91 9930741822

    Interested students also need to email a scanned copy of the application form to [email protected]

    Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed over skype/ in-person. The interviews are conducted by industry professionals to ensure quality admission

  • Educational loan

    Let no roadblocks pause your ambition.

    At ADMC, we have your aspirations covered through Eduvanz Financing Private Limited & Avanse Financial Services, our financial partners who would provide tailor made study loans for YOU. We understand your need to be helped. The solutions we provide, leave you with one less thing to worry about and thus provide you with immediate to one day educational loan sanction guarantee. With the help of an education loan between 1-5 yrs you can choose to go after your dreams of a successful Digital marketing career without a challenge.

    We aim at making the entire process so simple and hassle free that you would not even sense the slightest of worries for your application which normally feels like a roller coaster ride. In just 5 simple steps you can set yourself up for the coveted ADMC digital marketing full-time postgraduate course & a guaranteed placement.

  • Campus Life & Life in Mumbai

    Campus Life

    Campus Life:

    The PGPDM program has an interesting mix of classroom training and exposure to corporate environment. The first half of the program will be conducted at the reknowned Jai Hind College campus at Churchgate, Mumbai. The classroom is a state-of-the-art facility comfortably furnished with Air Conditioning, wi-fi, projection facility etc. Technology enabled classrooms at the campus lend to a conducive learning environment.

    In the first half of the digital marketing program, sessions will be conducted from Monday to Friday.

    In the second half, students will be made to attend workshops and sessions at digital advertising agencies. They will also avail paid internship opportunities with renowned agencies to get first-hand industry experience.

    Students will have access to canteen facility while on campus. Students who come from outside Mumbai will be assisted in locating suitable hostel accommodation.

    Life in Mumbai:

    Mumbai has always been referred to as a City of Dreams. For a student, it is also a City of Hope. If there is a city that can give you exposure, it has to be Mumbai. The city exudes a contagious sense of urgency and energy. Everywhere around you, people seem to be in a rush – going from one place to another. How much can be packed into a day, how every minute can be used positively – can only be learnt in Mumbai. At the beginning, it is tiring. But eventually you come to love the pace, and the pace becomes the adrenalin that keeps you moving forward until you reach your dream destination.

    The city has everything a student can hope for – career opportunities, independence, inter-dependence, a safe environment, recreation, exposure…the list can just go on and on. The city has an excellent transportation system that is accessible to both the rich and the poor. The city is resilient teaching you to cope with all that life brings on. The rich heritage and architecture around the city has its own story to tell. The diversity in the population can teach you to open your mind to new ways of living life.

    Education goes beyond books and classrooms. Mumbai is the perfect setting for a student, the perfect platform to launch your career from. There is no other city in the country that can offer more than Mumbai can to a student.



The faculty at ADMC is a storehouse of knowledge. They have incredible experience across diverse sectors of the digital marketing industry.


Why should one opt for PGPDM?

The ADMC’s PGPDM brings about a 360 degree Career Transformation for every digital marketing aspirant. After having invested one year with us, you can be sure of a promising career in one of the most dynamic industries presently. The PGPDM helps you gain an expertise in the following skills: Executive Operational Creative & Design Digital Sales & Marketing Managerial Digital Planning Digital Strategy Analytics Students are exposed to hands-on training, capstone projects, live campaigns and mentoring sessions. To understand the program better, please reach out to us on +91- 9930925822 or drop by for a counselling session with our digital career advisors. You can also write to us at [email protected]

Where and when are the lectures for PGPDM conducted? Can we be counselled before the admissions?

The lectures for Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing are conducted at Jai Hind College, situated near Marine Drive in South Mumbai. It’s barely a 5-minute walk from Churchgate railway station. The lectures are held from 1.00pm to 7.00pm, Monday – Friday.

For enquiries and counseling sessions, please visit the corporate campus of ADMC, situated in Kalina, Santacruz (East).

Who is the faculty for PGPDM?

ADMC has the pleasure of being associated with senior digital marketing professionals who’ve designed the curriculum and teach the same. Our mentors have technically and practically specialised in the subject they teach. To know more about our distinguished faculty, click here

What skills does one acquire through the Post Graduate Digital Marketing course?

The PGPDM offers a diverse range of futuristic courses that are relevant across several industries. It teaches varied skills, from SEO and SEM, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Media Planning and Buying, to advanced focus areas like Programmatic Planning and Buying, Corporate Strategizing and Designing Marketing Techniques. Along with fine-tuning your digital marketing skills, PGPDM polishes your knowledge on traditional marketing as well.

What am I expected to learn in PGPDM?

You can be sure of mastering the techniques to work on live campaigns on various paid marketing platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Quora and LinkedIn. We also provide hands-on learning experience on platforms such as Google Ads Manager and Keyword Planner. You would become well-versed with E-mail Marketing through tools such as Mail Chimp and Mad Mimi, to name a few.

How will I be certified after the completion of the course?

After the completion of the course, students will be awarded with 6 certificates which include: Google AdWords (Basics & Advanced) Facebook BluePrint Twitter FlightSchool Email Marketing- HubSpot Google Analytics ADMC PGPDM Course Completion Certificate

The PGPDM also offers certification from our Global Certification Partners such as DMI, IAMAI, Skill Council, etc.

Our Knowledge Chair & mentors are dignitaries from the Digital Media industry that ratify the credibility of our course. It’s an autonomous program and widely accepted in the digital industry.

Where can I get placed through ADMC?

After completing the course, students are fully prepared for the industry. ADMC was founded with the objective of bridging the demand-supply gap in the digital marketing industry and is committed to transforming careers. We have meticulous arrangements and a strong network in place to enable guaranteed placements for every student of PGPDM. Our placement partners include esteemed companies such as Hotstar, Johnson & Johnson Private Limited, SMG Convonix, StarCom MediaVest Group, MRM worldwide, Ogilvy, DAN Group, GroupM, FoxyMoron, NetCore Solutions, to name a few.

Can I avail a scholarship for the digital marketing course at ADMC?

At ADMC, we ensure that there’s no hindrance in learning, whatsoever. To overcome financial hindrances, we have a scholarship program in place, which students can avail by appearing for a test and getting through the same. To know more about the scholarships, kindly connect with our Digital Career Advisor.

Does PGPDM have weekend batches?

The PGPDM is a full-time course, the lectures for which will be held from Monday to Friday, i.e. only on weekdays.

How does one become eligible for the final ADMC Certificate? When does the Internship & Placement process begin?

You will be eligible for the final ADMC Certificate if you have an attendance over 80%, have scored at least 70% marks in each module, have completed a 6-month internship, duly cleared all the dues and have abided by all the rules and regulations. The internship process begins immediately after the Trimester I & II sessions and exams, and the final placement process begins after a student is 3 to 4 months into the internship.

What is the expected stipend while interning and expected salary on being placed?

The stipend while interning could vary from INR 7,000 to INR 15,000 per month, depending upon the organization and other factors. On being placed, ADMC ensures a CTC within the range of INR 3,00,000 p.a. to INR 5,00,000 p.a. for every certified PGPDM student.

What modes of payment are acceptable?

You can make the payment through Cheque, Demand Draft, Net Banking, or Credit Card.

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