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Influencer Marketing Masterclass

19th February, 2022

The influence your business deserves

Just as important as building your brand’s strategy, is providing it with the face it deserves. The right influencers, with the right audience, can do wonders for your brand’s relevance, in today’s growing digital age.

Mode of Training


Program Fees

₹ 3,500/- (Inclusive of GST)

Course modules


Influencer Marketing, like any other traditional form of marketing, requires an in-depth study of your audience, the state of the market, the behaviour and thought processes your audience are mirroring, and more.

In this Masterclass, you will undergo training from the ground-up. From the very basic cogs that make up this form of marketing, to subtle nuances, tips, tricks, and nudges in the right direction, this wonderful Masterclass will answer all your questions about what it takes to create, track, study and analyse a successful Instagram Marketing campaign. So, tune in!

Module 1
The Nuances of Influencer Marketing

Learning Outcome:

In the first module, you will be taught the very basics - what influencer marketing is, the platforms, the selection criteria, prerequisites, advertising budgets and more.

Module 2
Creating a Successful Influencer Marketing Plan

Learning Outcome:

The next step in your empowerment, is learning how to create and launch an influencer marketing plan, while identifying the right influencers, determining your goals, and choosing your social channels.

Module 3
LIVE Campaign Management

Learning Outcome:

After successfully launching your campaign, you will be tutored on budget and demographic planning, optimising and monitoring your campaign, and analysing and assessing the ROI and end results.

Module 4
Exploring a Pool of Opportunities

Learning Outcome:

Influencer Marketing is not restricted to Vlogging alone. You will be taught how to think from the points of view of a blogger, how to become one, the kind of content formats that work, collaborating and partnering with the right channels, monetizing your blog, and studying some famous case studies.

Module 5
Amplifying Career as Influencers

Learning Outcome:

Finally, you will be tutored on becoming a full-fledged influencer, by learning how to adapt and flourish in the digital ecosystem, learning the latest statistics, gaining an insight into the industry through case studies, enhancing the skills required to make it big, building your portfolio, and learning how to achieve campaign goals through the right tools.


Meet your Speaker

Nishant has over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Digital PR, Production, Event Management, and Art Direction. He has also been a part of television reality shows like Dance India Dance as an Associate Producer for the creatives, CineStars ki Khoj, and Indias Rawstar. Nishant is also a food, travel and photography influencer, writing blogs under @IndieOpus. He now works in the dual roles of Head, Influencer Marketing for Digi Osmosis, and Co-Founder of Let it Wag.



On successful completion of the Masterclass program participants will be awarded with an industry recognized certificate from ADMC.

Before you apply


  • Who Should apply?

  • Eligibility

  • Who Should apply?

    Individuals – Open to everyone interested in Digital Marketing.

    Advertisers – How can you put together a creative digital solution based on the requirements of the brand? How can you judge the work of your agency and what kind of deliverables should you expect? How do you monitor and analyse the ROI on digital spends?

    Agencies – How can you sell creative digital solutions to a brand? How to put together an effective digital media strategy that integrates with the overall branding and communications strategy? Learn practical execution of creative digital campaigns.

    Publishers – What are the different advertising formats for digital that you can offer to agencies/brands? How can you innovate on digital? How can you provide engagement between a brand and its consumers?

    The program is therefore relevant for beginners at all levels and for professionals who are in marketing/branding/advertising. The program has been put together for those who want to understand all aspects and gain an overall understanding in Digital Marketing. It is for those who are new to this industry, who can invest only a few hours a day to enhance their careers by adding a new marketing skill in their repertoire.

  • Eligibility

    HSC from any board or Bachelors Degree from any AIU recognized University with minimum 50% marks aggregate.


At The ADMC we help our students & even people who need help to find a job. It’s not always a guarantee but definitely a promise. Our Students from the Short-Term programs will therefore also be assisted by our teams to not only get counselled but also get aligned to the right kind of organizations as a quality potential future hire. ADMC holds a place of reputation for providing fine digital marketers to the industry & each of our certificates represent the meaning well to organizations hiring digital marketers. Meet Our Placement Partners:

  • Group m
  • Hotstar
  • Ogilvy
  • WAT Consult
  • Dentsu AEGIS Network
  • Johnson And Johnson
  • LIQVD Asia
  • iProspect
  • Interactive Aveneus
  • Foxy Moron
  • Germin 8 Social Intelligence
  • Goldmine Advertising
  • Komli
  • Evolution co
  • Every Media
  • Blogadda.com Who Are You Reading Today?
  • The Small Big Idea


Who is eligible to pursue the masterclass?

Fresh Graduates, Working Professionals, Candidates with Master degree/diploma with a keen interest in digital marketing and good communication skills can apply.

Can I apply for the Masterclass program without being currently employed?


What are the skills expected before enrolling for the masterclass?

You must be comfortable with basic computer knowledge and surfing the web.

Who is the faculty for the masterclass?

ADMC has the pleasure of being associated with senior digital marketing professionals who’ve designed the curriculum and teach the same. To know more about our distinguished faculty, click here.

How are the students evaluated?

Students are evaluated on the basis of projects, presentations, case studies, and assignments.

What are the criteria to be certified?

The Masterclass will have a small practical evaluation at the end of the training, which includes an evaluation system to gauge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates.

Can I take up freelancing projects or work from home after the completion of this Masterclass?

Yes, after completing the course you can work from home and take up freelancing projects. You could earn reasonably well whilst working from the comforts of your home.

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