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Program Structure

The entire program has been broken into 5 sessions of 8 hours each:

Module 1 :
Introduction to Social Media

What is Social Media? Evolution Of Social Media How The World & India Consumes Social Media?

Module 2 :
Facebook for Business

The world of FB. Statistics FB Offerings For Brands Business Pages & Features EdgeRank Strategies & Insights Case Studies Best Practices FB Advertising Applications & Resources

Module 3 :
Using the LinkedIn Network

Statistics Why LinkedIn Options For Brands Company Pages Groups Q & A Advantages Of Using LinkedIn Best Practices Advertising On LinkedIn Case Studies & Resources

Module 4 :
Twitter, power of 280 characters

Statistics When & How To Use Twitionary Hashtags Trending Topics Live Tweeting Customized Content Influencers Tools & Measurement Klout Score Celebs Vs. Brands Case Studies & Best Practices Twitter Advertising Resources

Module 5 :
Brand Channels & YouTube

YouTube Statistics Basic Features Opportunities For Brands Content Approach Approach For Views YouTube Insights YouTube Advertising Case Studies Best Practices Resources

Module 6 :
Other Social Media Platforms

Blogging Forums & Reviews Photo Sharing Pinterest Instagram

Module 7 :
Online PR & ORM

Critical Thinking Planning 101 Hybrid Media Expansion Social Snowball Measurement & Accountability

Module 8 :
Art of Social Listening

Monitoring Engagement & Analytics Case Studies Social Media Monitoring Tools Social Media Metrics Social Media Evolution Monitoring & Engagement In Action

Module 9 :
Social Media Marketing Strategy

Understanding the Brand Understanding The Objective Understanding Strategy Understanding The Medium – Medium Mix Finding The Intersection Between Brand, Objective And Medium Routes (Brand Vs Theme, Activities – Promotion Heavy, Information Heavy, Content Heavy) Communication Strategy Content Strategy Measurement/Monitoring Refinement / Optimization

Module 10 :
Assessment & Feedback

Assessments are a mandatory part of ADMC programs. ADMC Certification is given only on successful completion of projects/assignments and tests.

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