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There has been a considerable shift in focus from the traditional media of marketing such as television, radio, and print to the digital media, after the advent of internet and technology. Entrepreneurs and organisations across sectors such as entertainment, education, and finance are strategizing with a digital perspective.

Fast-growing economies such as India have realised the need to engage with consumers and devise marketing plans to hold their attention on digital platforms. Thus, organisations are allocating significant budgets to digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Now is the time to adapt to the changing scenario of the industry by amplifying your digital marketing skills. The opportunities of career transformation are aplenty if you are ready to level up your game.

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The Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Course has been designed keeping in mind the increasing complexity of the industry. Given below are the top 7 practices that encompass the 21 modules of digital marketing for a better understanding of the current landscape. ADMC is the pioneer in creating a unique program structure that not only trains students in different facets of digital marketing but also prepares them for a new world order. And now, with the DMI partnership, the course has gained a laser-sharp perspective that will help students adapt to the ever-changing global landscape of digital marketing.

Understanding the Digital Audience

One of the most important parts of marketing is to understand & delve deep into the target audience of the category. Digital breeds multiple facets of the audience, giving them an opportunity to extend different personas through various behaviours: This layer is broken into 3 interesting points of views & a scientific modelling of the digital audience of India.

Online User Behaviour Zeroth Moment Of Truth – The Google Way Of Thinking Micro-Moments Of Advertising Audience Data & Planning Practice This entire segment will be covered in a 1x One Day session along with videos from Google.

Digital Innovation

Change is the only constant – a line that seems like it was coined for Digital Marketing. The ever-changing digital landscape changes with the advent of new technology. Every day, month, year there is something that’s being scrapped and yet something new, something more efficient is being added to the set. This module is dedicated to the ‘wow’-ness of digital marketing with a battery of new technology.

Augmented Reality – Definition, Usage, Pricing, Examples Virtual Reality – What? How? Costs? Artificial Intelligence – AI, Bots, Chat Bots, NLP, Connection Building Internet Of Things – Internet Of Everything, Possibilities, Marketing With IOT Global & Indian Case Studies Of Marketing Innovation Cannes Show Case

Digital Assets Creation

The beginning of every online experience is on the edge of owned media spaces. This critical layer entirely focuses on helping you strategize, build and manage a web experience that your consumers need for your businesses to shine. Keeping aside the debate of whether social media is earned or paid media, if we just look at the various assets that it provides brands with, we find a fantastic blend of experiences targeted to interest groups that becomes an essential pot boiler of our brand and its identity. We have devised the following sections in our curriculum to dive into understanding what works for your business:

Market and consumer analysis – Needs and Solutions Structure – Information, Content And Experience Metrics – What And How Much Information Is Important? Case Studies – Best-In-Class Website Examples From The Global Showcases To Understand The Game Better.

Performance Marketing

Converting one’s business on the brand assets is probably the most critical part of our business. The ADMC performance-marketing module focuses extensively in demystifying the idea of making digital work for brands especially for those who invest to taste success. It’s a combinatory program in itself that highlights the importance of growth hacking using traffic-building techniques that end up converting for your business. This is one of the most important modules of the program as digital has always been the hub of performance marketing since its inception. The combinatory model of organic, auction & other paid media geared up to deliver performance that works for your brand is fairly unique in the current available training modules. The below mentioned sections are the primary topics that will be touched upon and delved deeper by our faculties till you become an expert of the same:

Goal Setting –The Importance, How to & What to Platform Selection: Best Mix –There Is Always One Deep Dive – SEM, SEO, Other Auction –Social/Bing, Media, Native Ads, Affiliate Key Performance Indicator – What? How Much? How To Report? Case Studies – Best In Class & Industry Specific – At Least 3


Engagement as a model is increasingly becoming one of the core deliverables of Digital Industry since Social & Earned conversations are hygiene in today’s world. However, it’s an industry in itself. Equal rights on the internet has completely democratised conversations about pretty much everything. Our training module is specially designed keeping in mind the opportunities, limitations & challenges of engagement using digital medium. Segments discussed below are a framework keeping in mind the current earned/social/conversation mediums

Model – Standardisation, Practices, Ideologies Conversations –Importance, Mapping, Engagement Platform – Which Platforms To Choose? Why? How Best? Deep Dive – Social Media Management, Platform Specific Content Creation Influencer Marketing – Why? How? What? When? In Details. Case Studies – Successful Case Studies From All Across The Globe, India

Branding Brands

With 450Mn users, digital is a formidable platform that can make or break things for any brand. This module is dedicated to such opportunities that allow creation & sustenance of any brand from any line of business. A combination of platforms can essentially allow brands reach out to the audience, talk to them in a language they understand. The modules of this section equalise, and put to rest any thoughts that go against “brands can be built online”.

Brand & Branding – Identify, Eliminate & Accentuate Brand Building – How? When? Where? Branded Content – Definition, Difference, Extent, Implications Digital PR – Age Old PR Technique To Amplify Reach, Stir Conversation Branding Campaigns – How To Identify Intent? Examples? KPI? Collaborations – Land Scape, Opportunities In Collaborations Case Studies – Digital Brand Building Case Studies

Data & Simulations

Our dependence on data is immense when it comes to digital. Almost all our actions, online, are trackable. However, because of the nature of digital, there is a significant amount of ambiguity and incorrect notions all around. This module from ADMC demystifies any such beliefs and focuses on training you, a future digital marketer, on the right platforms. The section, with its following modules, focuses on the hands-on experience of some of the top premium, freemium & free platforms.

Google Adwords – Hands on experience – Campaigns, Reporting Programmatic Buying & Planning – Live Simulation & Classroom Training Compass – SEO & Selective Analytics Suite – Set Up & Report Building Radian 6 – Conversation Tracking, Reactive Marketing & Online Reputation Management Google Analytics, Twitter & Fb/Insta Analytics – Platform Centric Training, Usage, Influencer Tracking – Setting Up Goals, Conversations, Management HubSpot – Training, Certification (Optional & Charged Extra)

Course Modules


Weekend programs at ADMC are designed to cater to the working professionals as well as beginners who want to venture into the digital marketing industry or who want to upgrade their skills and evolve in the industry. Coupled with exhaustive study material, the interactive learning during the course of this certified digital marketing master program will prepare you for the continually evolving digital marketing industry.

The Digital Marketing Landscape

This intensive module has been designed for those who are new to digital. It includes a complete overview of all core digital marketing channels, how they affect each other and how they can work together in a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

You will run through the acquisition tools (Search, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising) and retention techniques (email, Web Personalization) as well as some of the management issues (Legal Issues, Data Gathering, Integration with offline activity) to enable you to build the dream online strategy.

This module will also demystify technical jargon commonly used in digital marketing such as RSS feeds, mash-ups, tag clouds, AJAX, social bookmarking and more… all in a simple, easy to understand way.

Learning Outcomes Introduction to Digital Media Marketing Terms & Terminologies Display Advertising Introduction To Digital Selling

Understand the Digital Customer

One of the most important parts of marketing is to understand & delve deep into the target audience of the category. Digital is the place which breeds multiple facets of audience giving them an opportunity to extend different personas through various behaviors: This layer is broken into 3 interesting points of views & a scientific modeling of the digital audience of India.

Learning Outcomes

Digital Behaviour ( DAY IN A LIFE) Usage Pattern Social Media WhatsApp

Customer Data Buying Audience Data

User Journey (How do they Navigate) Website Apps Social

Models 1to1 and 1 to Many.

Consumer Data on social platforms What they track/ what they don’t What they share/ what they don’t

WhatsApp for Business How to get in touch

Principles of Digital Assets Design

This intensive module has been designed to give those new to digital a complete overview of all the core digital marketing channels, how they affect each other and how they can work together in a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Principles of Digital Assets Design: Digital Marketing Basics Behaviour Patterns Types of Digital Assets Digital Integrated Campaigns Reacting to a brief Case Studies with various examples e.g: using various touch points (Website, Microsite, Content, Social, Mailer, Display) Beauty of Call To Action Exercise Questions

Customer Experience and Usability Customer experience basics The Art of Interactivity Principals of Design Case studies with various e.g Interface Exercise Questions

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that revolves around the creation, publication, and distribution of content to a target audience in order to bring new traffic (and therefore new customers) to your business.

It is a huge part of marketing, and works with social media, SEO and email marketing. Quality content drives traffic and conversions. Investing in proper content marketing now will reward you for years to come.

Learning Outcomes What is Content Marketing? Importance of Content Marketing Types of Content Content Bucketing Learn How to Develop Robust and engaging content to drive business growth content distribution Overview of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Research Techniques for CRO Content Marketing Management Tools Optimization Strategies Content Marketing Strategy

Digital PR

Digital PR has the same targets and goals as traditional PR. It plays a significant role in expanding brand awareness as well as building relationships with various media groups. Learn how to deliver a digital PR campaign that creates impact. Create a better story with effective content that engages a multi-channel audience. Align PR activities within your marketing mix and discover how search engines and social media will help you to engage your target audience.

Learning Outcomes What is Digital PR? Types of Digital PR Leave a Digital Footprint & Build a strong online presence How to increase a brand’s reach and visibility through Digital PR Know how story telling is important through Digital PR activity that helps to drive media management and customer loyalty How to deliver effective content to engage the multi-channel audience through Digital PR Better align PR activities with overall marketing activity to continue to maximise its perceived value and deliver results Learn how to create and effective Digital PR strategy for brands and individuals

Digital Content Creation

Learn how to strategically plan what you will post across all digital media platforms. This module will help you learn the art of creating original content as per your brand’s needs, the importance of creating a content calendar and the strategic approach to it, what content batching is and how to bucket them, create a blogging brainstorm for unlimited content, create a posting map, share viral content, and scheduling content strategically.

Learning Outcomes Creating Original Content Repurposing Content Content Calendar Creation Content Batching Blogging Brainstorm Shared Viral Content/Post Planner Scheduling Content

Influencer Marketing

As the world has shifted to social media, consumers look at fellow consumers to inform them of their purchasing decisions. Instead of looking at companies, as they did in the past, they now look at each other and at their favourite personalities.

Digital influencers share valuable, user-generated content. They are the trendsetters of the digital age. They’re at the top of the newsfeed; attracting likes, comments, shares, and other forms of authentic engagement that many brands can only dream of. This module helps our students understand the science behind Influencer Marketing in detail.

Learning Outcomes Why do you think Influencer marketing is important? What are the top benefits of Influencer marketing? What one should look for while finalizing influencers for a campaign? Identify & Engage. How do you reach out to Influencers? Influencer Marketing Pricing model and its effectiveness? Effectiveness of YouTubers/Instagrammers/TikTok/Bloggers in the Influencer Marketing Ecosystem? Challenges for Influencer Marketing/Marketers? How to measure & report influencer campaigns? Integrating Influencer Marketing with overall marketing strategy?

Emerging Technologies of Digital Media

Emerging technologies that are revolutionizing the media industry. The media industry has conventionally been the first port of call for breaking news and stories. Now, a fresh wave of emerging technologies is changing how this industry gathers and delivers content. Although some of these technologies sound like they’re straight from a sci-fi film, we’ll introduce you to the emerging technologies as on today are how they’re being used to transform the content creation and distribution process.

Learning Outcomes Chatbots Virtual Reality (VR) Anti-ad blocking Automated journalism Social outreach apps Drones Data journalism/visualization Live video platforms Wearable journalism Text-to-video creation

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to apply the latest SEO techniques and advanced data design principles to maximize your website search rankings.

This module will show you how to build high-performance websites and use advanced SEO solutions that will boost your natural search rankings and increase site visits.

Learning Outcomes Introduction to SEO Search Engine Basic & Market Data SEO Objectives Review Sample Website Discussion On The Observations Based On The Topics Domain Will Be Booked Website Audit Basics Important Factors To Be Considered For Audit Setup Domain & Hosting Install WordPress Set Up Website With Minimum Features Important Plugins Importance Of Google Analytics Importance Of Google Webmasters Setup Of Google Analytics & Webmasters Setting Up Analytics On Other Search Engine – Bing Content Preparation – Imp Aspects Keyword Research Google Trend Analysis Competition Analysis – For Own Website Off-Page – Basic Google Places Directory Submission Tech Aspects Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Whether a business is new to digital media spends or has digital media as an established part of its media mix, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) forms a large part of the total digital media spend. It is the core area of customer acquisition for most brands that use digital platforms to reach out to potential customers. The demand for skilled SEM professionals far surpasses the availability of the same.

This module will equip you to strategize, initiate and run a search engine campaign from start to finish. It is centred on the industry standard Google Adwords program.

This is a practical, hands-on program that will equip you to run an SEM campaign from start to finish. The module also prepares you for the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) examination

Learning Outcomes Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals Keyword Research & Campaign Structure Campaign Management On The Web Console & Google Adwords Editor Campaign Optimization Live Campaign Management – Analysis & Reporting Micro Level Campaign Optimization Consultation And Practice On Live Campaign Advanced Google Tools / Excel Techniques / Short Cuts SEM Estimation / Planning / Strategy / Case Studies Integration Of Google Adwords And Google Analytics Examination How Google Auction Works? Remarketing And Best Practices

Advanced Social Media Marketing

This module is designed for those who are interested in understanding the finer nuances of Social Media Marketing or wish to make a career in the same.

This is a 40-hour module that is divided into two halves. The first half of the program will take you through in-depth features of various social media platforms such as FB, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, Forums, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and how to market/communicate through them. It will talk about case studies on each of the above platforms, discuss the brand possibilities on these platforms and explain how to choose the platform & what to do on it from a brand or industry perspective. The second half of the program will focus on building effective brand strategies on Social Media and also on Social Listening & Online Reputation Management. What are the tools that can enable you to listen to online conversations? You will learn how to choose the best tool for social listening and how to analyse brand sentiment (and completion analysis). You will also learn how to build & manage the reputation of a brand (or person) online.

Learning Outcomes Understanding the various Social Media Platforms Knowing How To Market/Communicate Through Social Media Platforms Choosing A Platform To Fit The Brand Objective Planning Online PR And Social Media Objectives And Metrics Research And Mapping Tools, Tactics, Targets And Teams Developing An Effective Social Media Strategy Online Reputation Management Social Listening Social Media Optimization Social book Marking

Email Marketing

This module will cover a range of prevalent issues including identifying costly mistakes, using appropriate behavioural targeting, integrating email with your offline activities and assessing your newsletter effectiveness. You will leave the day with a sharpened email strategy having reviewed the effectiveness of your email communications.

This practical module will demonstrate how results and deliverability can be significantly improved by addressing common issues within all aspects of email marketing, from planning to setting realistic objectives and strategies, through improving deliverability, ensuring your emails actually reach your target audience and testing to make sure that you’ll be able to continually improve your campaigns, boosting results and profitability.

Learning Outcomes What is E-mail? Deep Dive into Email Marketing Email Authentication & Delivery What Is IP Reputation? Email Strategy Content, Design & Optimization Audience Engagement, Automation & 1:1 Personalization Email Analytics Brand Case Studies & Trends In The Industry

Ecommerce Marketing

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is the buying and selling of products and/or services over electronic systems such as the internet and other computer networks.

This program equips the participants to understand the nuances of e-commerce and internet-based businesses, and help them make appropriate business and marketing strategies using all forms of digital media.

Learning Outcomes Understanding Electronic Commerce & It’s Importance How To Do SEO Of E-Commerce Website Using Affiliate Marketing To Promote E-Commerce Technology Infrastructure For E-Commerce E-Commerce Security Issues & Controls Implementing E-Commerce E-Commerce Marketing E-Commerce Business Models And Strategy

Mobile Marketing

Mobile technology has already fundamentally transformed personal communications, but with mobile becoming ever more ubiquitous, driving increased social media activity and allowing digital communications channels to be accessible on the move, it is having a huge impact on how organizations, businesses and brands talk to customers.

This module is an introduction to this emerging channel, covering best practices, technical issues and insight into customer behaviour, all backed up by practical examples and the latest research.

It will provide you with a solid understanding of the mobile marketing landscape focusing on practical skills and cutting-edge case studies; you will leave with a thorough knowledge of the technology and terminology of the mobile platform. You’ll discuss best practice guidelines, as well as being able to articulate the benefits and opportunities of a mobile strategy, and how this fits into a multi-channel approach.

Learning Outcomes Mobile Advertising Ecosystem & Market in India Understanding The Mobile User Strategic Framework For Use Of Mobile Advertising Advertising Options – Creative & Media Measurement, Monitoring & Impact Evaluation Mobile Commerce Cross Channel Marketing Strategy And Planning

Digital Media Planning & Buying

This comprehensive program equips you to understand the burgeoning digital media industry and the process of strategizing, negotiating, and purchasing ad placements, or ‘inventory’.

In a global scenario where media organizations need clear goals and structure, media planning and buying understanding is an essential part of digital marketing curriculum. These skills are highly valued by corporations, media companies, media sales organizations, media buying and planning firms, research companies and of course advertising agencies.

Learning Outcomes Overview- Role of a media planner Understanding Client Brief: Decoding The Expectations Of The Client, Setting Campaign Objectives Audience Analysis: User Behaviour, Online Opportunities And Challenges Market Research Media Formats Channels And Placement Media Planning Tools, Softwares & Platform Selection Media Research And Analysis Media Buying Options, Art Of Negotiating Rates Sample Media Plan Presentation To The Client Execution And Delivery Aligning With Ad Operations Digital Analytics: Measuring Campaign Effectiveness Across Media

Affiliate Marketing

Any business, established or start-up, needs customers at a certain cost. While marketers have a general inclination towards Google Search, Social Media, Programmatic (and all biddable media platforms), one of the platforms that helps to get new customers is Affiliate Marketing Program. This program involves creating partnerships/affiliations with digital publishers who have inventory they are looking to monetise in exchange for getting new customers to the paying party.

Learning Outcomes Affiliate Marketing – THE TERM Landscape of Affiliate Marketing – What channels and their USP’s Who are publishers and what inventory types do they down How does a campaign get executed – flow from advertiser to publisher and back Channels of affiliate marketing Case Studies for each channel and its applications for today’s clients

Digital Ad Sales

The module is broken down into manageable sections including tools of the trade, How digital changed the paradigm, Digital Media Products, Targeting, Measuring Digital Media, the mechanics of Digital Media, Digital Media Math, selling Digital Media, Ad Operations, supporting Digital Sales, from quote to cash, recent Media trends and products.

Learning Outcomes Tools of the Trade Digital Media Products Targeting Measuring Digital Media The Mechanics Of Digital Media Digital Media Math Selling Digital Media Ad Operations Recent Media Trends

Data and Database Applications

Data and Database Applications

Regulation, Permission and Codes of Practice

Regulation, Permission and Codes of Practice

Controlling and Optimising Digital Marketing Campaigns

Programmatic Buying & Planning

The way digital media is bought and sold is changing rapidly and yesterday’s technology doesn’t apply today. Look at any trends in digital media for the future, and you are sure to spot reports on how ‘Programmatic Buying’ is becoming a key trend, and is a must-know for marketers.

This is an intensive course which will provide you with an advanced understanding of the programmatic media ecosystem, including an in-depth working knowledge of the key technologies that make up today’s programmatic. This course is designed to provide the foundation needed to navigate the complex programmatic advertising landscape.

Learning Outcomes Introduction To Digital media new frontier – Programmatic buying Key Terms To Communicate Like A Pro Sales Organizations – Today And Tomorrow Buyer Landscape – Today And Tomorrow Understanding Your Tech Stack SSP/DSP Vendor Demonstration 5 Stages Of Buying & Selling Rise Of Programmatic Guaranteed Channels: Mobile, Video, Social, Email, Native

Digital Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics enables a brand manager to measure, manage and analyse the digital marketing initiatives to maximize campaign effectiveness and return on investment. This 16- hour training will help the marketers understand critical data points and the correct way to analyse tracked digital marketing data points. The sessions will enrich the decision-making processes for many.

Learning Outcomes Introduction to Digital Data Analytics Web And App Analytics Data To Decisions Project & Case Studies E-Commerce Analysis Real Time Reporting Intelligence Reporting

Planning and Integrating Digital Marketing Campaigns

This segment of the program will equip you with a scientific approach that is needed to assess digital marketing strategy in the overall scheme of things.

Through a combination of case studies, best practice examples, and exercises, you will learn strategies for finding, engaging, and encouraging brand advocates. This eight-hour session will prepare you with a concrete application process for a real business.

Learning Outcomes Understand how the elements of a digital marketing strategy can bring customers to the business Inclusion Of The Power Of Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search, Social Media, And Online Advertising Reflect On How Best To Extend Brands And Cultivate Relationships In These Channels In A Way That Supports A Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy Discover How Social Media Monitoring And Data Analysis Can Be Used To Improve Marketing And Product Development Activities



The ADMC Advanced Edge
The ADMC Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master Program syllabus is validated by the industry & DMI Pro Certification is recognized by Global Industry Advisory Champions (GIAC). For DMI Pro Certification one needs to clear the Pearson Vue online examination and achieve a minimum of 60% .


At The ADMC we help our students & even people who need help to find a job. It’s not always a guarantee but definitely a promise. Our Students from the Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Course will therefore also be assisted by our teams to not only get counselled but also get aligned to the right kind of organizations as a quality potential future hire. ADMC holds a place of reputation for providing fine digital marketers to the industry & each of our certificates represent the meaning well to organizations hiring digital marketers. Meet Our Placement Partners:

  • Group m
  • Hotstar
  • Ogilvy
  • WAT Consult
  • Dentsu AEGIS Network
  • Johnson And Johnson
  • LIQVD Asia
  • iProspect
  • Interactive Aveneus
  • Foxy Moron
  • Germin 8 Social Intelligence
  • Goldmine Advertising
  • Komli
  • Evolution co
  • Every Media
  • Blogadda.com Who Are You Reading Today?
  • The Small Big Idea
Before you apply


  • Who Should apply?

  • Eligibility

  • Educational loan

  • Who Should apply?

    Individuals – Anybody who is interested in Digital Marketing.

    Advertisers – How to put together a digital solution based on the requirements of the brand? How would you choose your agency and what kind of deliverables can/should you expect? How do you monitor and analyse the ROI on digital spends?

    Agencies – How can you sell digital solutions to a brand? How to put together an effective digital media strategy that integrates with the overall branding and communications strategy? Practical execution of digital campaigns.

    Publishers – What are the different advertising formats for digital that you can offer to agencies/brands? How can you innovate on digital? How can you provide engagement between a brand & consumers?

    The program is therefore relevant for beginners at all levels and for professionals who are in marketing/branding/advertising. The program has been put together for those who wants to understand all aspects and an overall understanding in Digital Marketing. It is for those who are new to this industry who can invest only few hours a day to enhance their career to a new level by adding a new marketing skill in their repertoire.

  • Eligibility

    Bachelors Degree from any AIU recognized University with minimum 50% marks aggregate.

  • Educational Loan

    Let no roadblocks pause your ambition.

    At ADMC, we have your aspirations covered through Eduvanz Financing Private Limited & Avanse Financial Services, our financial partners who would provide tailor made study loans for YOU. We understand your need to be helped. The solutions we provide, leave you with one less thing to worry about and thus provide you with immediate to one day educational loan sanction guarantee. With the help of an education loan between 1-5 yrs you can choose to go after your dreams of a successful Digital marketing career without a challenge.

    We aim at making the entire process so simple and hassle free that you would not even sense the slightest of worries for your application which normally feels like a roller coaster ride. In a simple process you can set yourself up for the coveted ADMC digital marketing courses.



The faculty at ADMC is a storehouse of knowledge. They have incredible experience across diverse sectors of the digital marketing industry.


Why would you recommend the ADMC Advanced- Certified Digital Marketing Master course? What does the course entail?

The ADMC Advanced- Certified Digital Marketing Master course is one of the most extensive digital marketing training programs available in the country. We introduce a new dimension of marketing by introducing learners with digital marketing experts of the country who’ve worked across diverse sectors. So far, we’ve trained aspirants from diverse backgrounds, including CMOs, senior academicians, entrepreneurs and fresher. What makes learning with ADMC unique is that each subject is taught by a digital marketing professional, who has gained expertise in that subject. Our curriculum is designed by the stalwarts of the digital industry and is reviewed and updated from time to time to ensure relevance.

The ADMC Advanced course offers a diverse set of industry and futuristic courses from the digital canvas, ranging from core topics like SEO and SEM, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Planning and Buying to advanced focus areas like Programmatic Planning and Buying, Corporate Strategizing and Designing Marketing Techniques.

With the added dimension of the global Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) certification, it only hastens the process of transformation. ADMC Advanced master enroled students will also get access to 1-year DMI membership, premium online content that includes case studies, podcasts, webinars and lectures delivered by esteemed industry leaders.

Is ADMC Advanced recognised by the industry or affiliated to AICTE, UGC or any other governed body?

Our faculty and Knowledge Chair are renowned across the industry and ratify the credibility of our course. It’s an autonomous program and highly recognised in the digital industry. It is not affiliated to AICTE, UGC or any governed body. Now with an additional global certification through DMI, you will have globally acknowledged digital expertise that is updated, relevant, and completely aligned with the industry.

What is DMI?

DMI stands for Digital Marketing Institute based in Dublin, Ireland. Click here to know more.

What is DMI Pro Certification?

The World's most recognised digital marketing course. This comprehensive access to the DMI content and learning is delivered 100% online, it teaches the key digital marketing skills required for the contemporary workplace. Learn Google Ads, social media marketing and SEO, Google Analytics, mobile marketing and more.

What does it mean by Industry-relevant and GIAC-validated Syllabus?

The ADMC Knowledge Chair and mentors are dignitaries from the Digital Media industry that ratify the credibility of our course. It’s an autonomous program and widely accepted in the digital industry.

With DMI Pro students will get access to Global Industry Advisory Champions (GIAC) validated syllabus that gives you access to the premium online content that includes case studies, podcasts, and lectures delivered by esteemed industry leaders. The GIAC are the industry. They facilitate DMI in creating training courses that answer to the global industry needs. These Champions include great people who work with some of the world's biggest and most influential digital brands, as well as educators, employers, recruitment specialists and policy makers.

How is ADMC Advanced- DMI Pro Certification helpful?

ADMC Advanced certification is an industry-recognised certification, which helps you achieve your digital career goals. Now with an additional global certification through DMI, you will have globally acknowledged digital expertise that is updated, relevant, and completely aligned with the industry.

What is the mode for delivering the lectures?

ADMC Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master Program will be a combination learning of online & offline. The offline mode of training will be delivered by ADMC.

The lectures are held in Mumbai at our centres in Santacruz- Kalina, Andheri, and Pune. We’re soon planning to expand our base across India. Currently due to Covid-19 the program will be conducted on online. When the Government directives permit, offline sessions would be conducted.

Can I apply for ADMC Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master Program without being currently employed?


Can I enrol for the course without a degree from the University?

Yes. If you are a candidate with 12 +3 years, or Diploma in any background, you can apply for the course.

What are the skills one is expected to have before enrolling for the course?

You must be comfortable with basic computer knowledge and an expert at surfing the web.

What job opportunities could I avail after completing this course?

Digital Marketing has opened up tremendous opportunities for aspiring advertising and marketing professionals. Job titles such as Social Media Managers, Social Media Editors, Mobile-advertising professionals etc. have emerged to engage the talents. Digital marketing has managed to take marketing to a global audience with its novel and interactive features. It has become one of the most promising career choices today. Digital media now plays an increasingly important role in tactical initiatives and is significant for fully integrated businesses. Organisations need people who can plan and direct online campaigns, integrate them with their traditional marketing activities, execute them cost-effectively, and measure its performance and present the ROI of that spend to the management. Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of specialised fields like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), custom designing, website designing, e-commerce solutions, online marketing, email marketing and digital marketing copywriting. There is room for everyone in the field. However, acquiring some sort of certification in digital marketing recognises competency, shows commitment to the profession and helps with career advancement.

Does ADMC Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master Program provide placement assistance after completion of the course? Who are your placement partners?

After completing the course, students are fully prepared for the industry. ADMC was founded with the objective of bridging the demand-supply gap in the digital marketing industry and is committed to transforming careers. We have meticulous arrangements and a strong network in place. We provide placement assistance to candidates who approach us with their request. Our placement partners include esteemed companies such as Hotstar, Johnson & Johnson Private Limited, SMG Convonix, StarCom MediaVest Group, MRM worldwide, Ogilvy, DAN Group, GroupM, FoxyMoron, NetCore Solutions, to name a few..

Who is eligible to pursue the course?

Fresh Graduates, Working Professionals, Candidates with Master degree/ diploma with keen interest in digital marketing and good communication skills can apply for ADMC Advanced.

What are the fees for this course?

The course fee amounts to INR 1,00,000 + 18% GST

Can I avail education loan facilities through any tie-ups you may have with banks or should I avail it personally?

To ease your financial worries, we have partnered with Eduvanz Financing Private Limited & Avanse Financial Services to help deliver tailor made study loan solutions. The solutions we provide leave you with one less thing to worry about and thus enables immediate to one day educational loan sanction guarantee. With the help of an education loan between 1-5 years, you can choose to pursue a successful Digital Marketing career without any challenges.. We aim at making the entire process so simple and hassle-free that you would not even sense the slightest worry while applying for a loan, which is otherwise a challenging task.

Who is the faculty for the course?

ADMC has the pleasure of being associated with senior digital marketing professionals who’ve designed the curriculum and teaches the same. Our mentors have technically and practically specialized at the subject they teach. To know more about our distinguished faculty, click here

How are students evaluated?

Students are evaluated on the basis of projects, presentations, case studies and assignments.

Will there be a written exam?

We do conduct written examination. The examination is based on an objective evaluation pattern and also based on projects, presentation, case study and assignment.

How is the DMI Pro Certification assessed?

The DMI Pro Certification is assessed by one three-hour exam; these are administered by our computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vue, via its global network of test centres.

The exam is split into three sections; candidates need to achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam. Your examination fee is included in the price but subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will incur a fee of approximately €60 or local currency equivalent payable directly to Pearson Vue when you book your repeat attempt.

What all other industry relevant certifications will you gain through the ADMC Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master Program?

Along with the ADMC Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master Program course completion certification the students will be trained to appear for examination to received industry and globally recognized certifications such as:

Google Ads Google Marketing Platform Facebook Blueprint Twitter Flight School Email Hubspot Google Analytics DMI Pro Certification

How does one become eligible for the ADMC- Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master certification?

The training program includes an evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. You get the certificate after successfully completing your training programs and clearing the GAP Exam and ADMC’s practical and theory exam.

How does one become eligible for the DMI Pro Certificate?

Upon completing the online classes for the DMI Pro modules the students will be trained to appear for a test conducted by Pearson VUE. The students will also appear for practice tests for the same. The students need to score minimum 60% marks to be eligible for the DMI Pro Certification.

Can I take up freelancing projects or work from home after the completion of this course?

Yes, after completing the course you can work from home and take up freelancing projects. You could earn reasonably well whilst working from the comfort of your home.

What modes of payment are acceptable?

Fee Payment Methods:

Credit/Debit Card payment Online Banking payments (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS) Demand Draft in favour of Xcelahead Education Pvt. Ltd. Education loan facility via our loan partners

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