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Why Your Brand Needs A Voice Search Strategy

October 14, 2020
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Your voice is mightier 

than the keypad

According to a 2019-2020 report by Google, India has seen a 270% growth year-on-year in voice searches. 

That should tell you all you need to know about the rising popularity of voice search in India. 

It makes sense too – in a country where 9 out of 10 new internet users are likely to be non-English language users, voice search takes on another dimension entirely. Given the ever-growing reliance on home assistance devices, users are relying far more on them to understand their language. 

Now that you’ve understood the growing importance of voice seo,

Here’s 3 important reasons why brands need a voice search strategy in today’s times:

1 )Voice Search improves customer experience


A voice search strategy helps create a unique, optimised customer experience that will help build brand loyalty. Voice assistant technology is evolving by the day, to the extent that they can differentiate between voices and accents, even. Having a voice search strategy can help your brand gain valuable insights about users, thereby leading to more personalised messages and content. It also takes lesser time than text-based searches, making life more convenient for busy users.

VOICE SEO improves customer experience

2 )It is driving change in SEO practices


Another reason it’s important for businesses today to incorporate voice into their digital marketing strategies is because voice search is driving changes in SEO best practices.
One of the main reasons for these changes is the fact that people interact with search queries differently when they’re posed vocally rather than textually. For one, voice queries tend to be slightly longer than text searches, and you can address this by incorporating some longer (at least three words) keyword phrases into your content.

Similarly, voice searches tend to be posed in the form of full questions (such as “will it rain today” versus just weather), so businesses can also start using relevant question keyword phrases that reflect what prospects might be asking. Another way that voice is going to impact SEO is through the increasing importance of local SEO because many mobile voice searches have a local intent, such as locating a nearby business.

An SEO strategy optimised for voice can also lead to an increase in traffic to a brand’s page/website.

Voice SEO improves overall SEO

3 )It is already being used by the world’s biggest brands


Some of the world’s giants are already doing exciting things with voice search. Here are a few examples: 
– Domino’s allows pizza-lovers to order from the comfort of their couch without having to pick up the phone or even place an online order

-PayPal users can engage Siri to send money to friends, family, or businesses

-Nestlé created a skill that provides voice cooking instructions as you cook

-Tide provides advice about removing stains caused by over 200 different substances

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Voice searches are only going to grow in usage volume as the months roll by. Especially in a post Covid-19 world, where everything is contactless, voice will become a big force to reckon with. Don’t wait to get on the bandwagon – or you might just be left behind. 

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