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Why Instagram Is Important For Your Business

August 21, 2020
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Got a business to promote?
Get it on Instagram.

Instagram. Where over half the world is younger than 34 years old. And spend almost an hour every day. Where better to find a captive audience to listen to your product pitch, right?

And here’s the clincher – 80% of the audience makes PURCHASE decisions on Instagram, according to a study by SproutSocial.

To put it simply – promote your business well enough, and Instagram for Business will do the rest for you.

There are a lot of businesses – big and small – already reaching out to their consumers on Instagram.

Here are few reasons why instagram is important for your business:

Business on Instagram

1. People buy things if they like it on Instagram

Like we said earlier, 80% of them do. An Instagram post that you boost with your advertising money reaches more people than an organic, non-promoted post. The more eyeballs you get for your business, the more chances are people might actually buy what you’re selling.

2. You can target the audience you want

Instagram (by extension from Facebook) has an intense audience targeting system. You can target people by age, interests, online behaviour and location. So even among the 80% likely to make a purchase decision, you can target a very specific demographic. Re-targeting helps too, when someone visits your website and doesn’t end up buying the product (for instance). You can target that group with ads on Instagram (and Facebook).

3. You can actually see Return On Investment (ROI)

This might sound like something people would already know, but no one really understands how much this actually impacts a business. Sales and leads are trackable through Instagram ads. Link clicks, leads to conversions, and the cost per result – you can track all of this on any campaign you run. So it becomes a lot easier to track how you’ve achieved your business goals – and how much it has cost to do so. You can also track sales right down to gender, age range, region, device etc.

Business ROI from Instagram

4. Business profiles get more on Instagram

Call-to-action buttons, post promotion, access to insights – Instagram for Business offers all this and much more. Consumers will also take you more seriously if you’re a business page, rather than a personal profile. So making that tiny adjustment of converting your profile to a business profile counts for a lot.

5. Quality, ORGANIC brand building exists

Of course, selling your product is important, but what Instagram gives you, even over Facebook, is the opportunity to build a fan following organically. Apart from the efforts you will make, a lot of users follow brands on Instagram anyway. And once a consumer hits that ‘follow’ button, it’s up to you to keep his/her interest in your brand.

Instagram is important for your brand

These are just some of the main benefits. But you can also do a lot of other things, like cross-promoting your business across platforms – it allows you to extend the reach of that channel and encourage existing followers to keep track with your brand on other platforms. The more touch points your brand has with a consumer, the more likely they are to purchase from you over competitors.

Sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, then?

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