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Why Influencer Marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy in 2021 ?

January 13, 2021
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In the past decade, we have seen a considerable increase in digital media usage to promote businesses. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to get visibility on the internet. 

As more and more brands are tapping their luck into digital promotions, consumers are becoming more skeptical regarding the brands. As a result, brands need new ways, ideas, and strategies to promote their work digitally. 

The need for an alternative approach has lead to brand accepting the advantages of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is becoming an important &  favorite strategy for brands and businesses to promote their work.

Several brands keep a dedicated budget for influencer marketing every year. And they invest a significant time to ensure a successful influencer marketing campaign.

However, before running through some of the past successful influencer marketing campaigns, let us decode how influencer marketing works.

Influencer marketing decoded

Rise of influencer marketing in 2021

Three activities take place in the influencer marketing campaigns.

1) In-depth research of finding an influencer of your niche 


Depending on your business niche, you need to consider going for an in-depth analysis to find influencers who have a great understanding of your niche. Influencers are often real-life consumers of the products or services, and they have a better understanding of your niche’s subjects. As a result, it gives them a chance to leverage and motivate their followers to take the desired action. 

2) Collaborating with the influencers 


Influencer marketing involves collaborating/partnering with influencers/celebrities of your niche. As a brand, it helps you to generate revenue. 

Influencers are characterized by a large number of social media followers. By large, we meant real followers with whom influencers have a strong rapport. The followers become firm believers of the influencer and show interest in the product/services influencers promote on their social media channels.

3) Run the influencer marketing campaign 


Depending on your requirement, you can work with influencers to create engaging content on their social media channels. It might be announcing a product launch, launching the product, some Q&A session, etc. 

Additionally, nowadays, we have seen brands asking influencers to post content on their page for a few days. Like for example, influencers/celebrities coming live from the brand page. 

Remember, a successful influencer marketing campaign requires planning and learning the target audience, depending on the campaign. According to a recent study by Google, there were 61000 queries in 2018 asking for the term ‘Influencer Marketing.’ The number suggests how important it is and how many brands are diverting their focus on influencer marketing.

Let us now take a look at influencer marketing examples of how brands have collaborated with influencers and made profits.

List of influencer marketing campaigns from past


1) Sony Experia Z5 launch 


Sony Experia France created an Instagram account – @sonyexperiafr, which they wanted to promote. Instagram being one of the best sites to promote photography, Sony Experia France, thought of promoting Song Experia Z5, which had five times more zooming capacity than others. 

Sony used nearly 30 influencers to promote the image quality Z5 used to produce. It was highly influential, and Sony received nearly 17 million potential customers. 


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2) Dunkin’ Donuts on National Donut Day 


Dunkin’ Donuts wanted to spread awareness about National Donut Day. In partnership with Collab, they created a national Snapchat campaign. 

Dunkin’ Donuts created an offer for the day, and Collab collaborated with influencers to promote the same in their cities. 

The campaign reached 3 million people and engaged 40,000 users. 

Dunkin Donut celebrating national donut day with Influencer Campaign


3) MTV Pants off with Laci Green 

Laci Green, best known for her sex ed channel on YouTube, hosted MTV Pants Off on Snapchat to provide sex ed information. It was meant to give real information to young people. The episodes received 3 to 5 million views and were shared thousands of times. 

(Laci Green has 2+ million subscribers on YouTube, hence considered as an influencer)

Knowing how influencer marketing works and a few examples of previous influencer marketing campaigns, it is the right time for us to learn the importance of influencer marketing in 2021, also, how brands can leverage influencer marketing in 2021 to make huge profits. 

Why influencer marketing in 2021?

why influencer marketing in 2021

Though in 2021, we are still under covid-19 pandemic condition. People aren’t coming out of their homes, and it is difficult to reach millions of people through offline campaigns. We hope you agree with us!

Considering the situation, the best way of reaching your customer is to first learn whom they consider as their role model. Once you are done with the research, collaborate with their role models. And social media being handy to every single person sitting at home, start running influencer marketing campaigns. 

We are pretty sure you will receive success if you have done better research and collaborated with influencers who have a similar target audience as yours. 

Suppose you are still unsure and confused about why influencer marketing, then it’s time for you to hone your marketing skills. At ADMC, we are organizing a special Influencer Marketing Webinar on the 16th of January, 2021. Nishant Patel, Head – Influencer Marketing ( DigiOsmosis) & Co-Founder of KMEDIA will be hosting the event. 

It is time to create the right influence for your brand. Register today!


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