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Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

December 30, 2020
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Have you ever lived a year that felt more like a decade? That’s what 2020 has been like. Even the Digital Marketing industry wasn’t spared. With innovation, launch, or direction, almost every month, 2020 was indeed the year of surprises & latest trends in digital marketing. Take, for example, these top Digital Marketing events – the ban of TikTok and the shift of influencers to Instagram Reels, the boom of Voice Search, multiple algorithm changes, and AR ‘try on’ filters across Snapchat and Instagram. There has been something for everyone.

With impacts of varying degrees across businesses, how, we wonder, will the new year look like for the digital landscape? Will it continue worldwide to fight misinformation and fake news much like WhatsApp and Instagram + Facebook’s notifications for Covid-19 and the USA elections? Or will a completely new format or medium emerge as the latest, most coveted platform? Though time will tell all, here are a few

New trends in Digital Marketing for 2021

1. From Discovery to Purchase


Remember the good old days when you could scroll through a social media application, without ads popping up, promoting products you have recently searched for? That isn’t going anywhere. One major predicted Digital Marketing trends in 2021 is the shift from simple discovery on social media to driving actual purchases. From Instagram’s shoppable pictures to WhatsApp’s latest update where one can shop directly from a shared catalog – it looks like we will be able to shop from every platform sooner than we think.

Digital Marketing trend on social media

2. An Emphasis on Virtual Living


If the pandemic has taught us privileged lot one thing, our lives can go on with minimal changes, thanks to our interconnectivity. The situation has been evident with the surge in digital or virtual events this year. 

What just started as a safety measure has made brands and companies realize its possibilities because of how easy it is to access content – and even concerts! – digitally. Take this year’s Bacardi NH7 Weekender, for example. They brought the likes of The Lumineers into our very houses with their first-ever Digital Concert. Seeing how successful it was, other brands won’t be far behind.

Online Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

3. Interactivity and Branded Content


If there was one thing that kept us all sane during the lockdown this year, it was the plethora of digital content we could access and binge with the click of a button. It came as no surprise then that brands realized its potential and made branded content the next big thing in marketing. From web-series to shorter IGTVs, LIVE sessions online, to even celebrities gatecrashing consumers’ Zoom calls (we’re looking at you, Bingo!) – branded, relatable, interactive content has caught the eye of all marketers because of how simple and effective it is. And when it comes to 2021, among the other new trends in Digital Marketing, branded content will be on top of the proverbial list.

interactive content is a digital marketing trend in 2021

4. Amplifying Connectivity


This one goes without saying. A certain segment of brands and categories have sailed through the pandemic due to the very nature of their being. There have been some for whom the pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time. 

In such a scenario, innovation becomes the need of the hour. Our biggest forecasted Digital Marketing Trends in 2021, then, would be the amplification of connectivity. Companies focusing on Voice Search as a medium to simplifying processes to media used by all – think WhatsApp, SMS, or print – next year will see brands and marketers alike, vying for the consumers’ eye through any means possible.

Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. Even though the future is not ours to see, we can assume and hope for the best for the latest digital marketing trends in 2021. Better connectivity, more meaningful content, and brands taking a stand to be remembered – all this and much more may lie in store for us next year. And all we must do now is predict and lie in wait.

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