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Top Digital Marketing tools to grow your business

January 21, 2021
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Businesses require the ability to focus on the primary goals of the business. The invested time, energy, and resources must be aligned to the central goals of your business.

Tools have unique importance in today’s digital era. In simple terms, top digital marketing tools are the growth hackers of the business. 

Supposedly, you are not aware of digital marketing tools, then tools can be unproductive for your business. Additionally, since several digital marketing tools are getting launched every day, it might become tricky for you to choose between the useful and unuseful tools for your business. 

On the other hand, if you are well aware of the digital marketing tools and usage, you can streamline your business’ growth using the appropriate digital marketing tools for business. The tools will become useful, and it can turn your hour-long processes into shorter duration processes without any additional human efforts. 

Before we learn about the advantages of digital marketing tools, let us first go through some of the digital marketing tools that we rank at the top, depending on our experience.

List of Top Digital Marketing Tools that strengthens your business’ growth

1. Ahrefs

ahref - digital marketing tool

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major tasks for any digital marketer. If you wish to pursue your career as an SEO professional, Ahrefs will become your favorite. 

To increase your website traffic and page rank on search engines, you need to learn how to create backlinks, how to optimize your web page, you need to focus on off-page activities, and much more. 

Ahrefs helps you research backlinks, search keywords, learn who your competitors are and how they are working, content published on their website, and so on. 

We know that hundreds of thousands of tools provide a similar kind of facilities like Ahrefs like SEMRush and UberSuggest. But, the overall experience provided by Ahrefs is better than others on the list. 

You can monitor your website’s performance concerning the backlinks generated, the ranking of your website w.r.t. the focussed keywords, etc. 

When it comes to research and analysis, we recommend Ahrefs as the best digital marketing tool. 

2. Google Analytics

Google analytic - digital marketing tool

If you don’t know what Google Analytics is, you can’t call yourself a digital marketing professional. Just KIDDING!

Google Analytics provides an incredible amount of information regarding your website. We suggest that every marketer on the planet must use the advantages of Google Analytics. 

By simply using Google Analytics’ dashboard, you can learn the following things about your website and business. 

A) The age, geographic location, and gender of your target audience. 

B) The time spent by your target audience on your website. 

C) The number of pages visited by your target audience. 

D) What is the frequency of your returning visitors? 

E) What are the sources of your visitors?

You might learn several other things about your website just by looking at the dashboard. Do you realize how important it is to learn Google Analytics if you are pursuing a Digital Marketing career?

3. Slack

slack tool for digital marketing

It is not always necessary that the groups you have joined on WhatsApp are all productive ones. You also understand that several groups are just meant for unproductive talks. On WhatsApp, it is possible to mute a conversation, but it is impossible to receive the facilities provided by the digital marketing tool called Slack. 

Slack is an amazing tool used to negate the possibility of communication gaps in a team or between the teams. 

It isn’t good to have multiple mediums to communicate messages across the teams. If you feel that we are right in our say, Slack is the best digital communication tool. 

The best thing about Slack is that you can mute the other conversations related to irrelevant topics. You can even tag other users to notify them if there is any specific message for them. (Not available on WhatsApp)

Life is a lot easier when you are notified only when the message is important for you. We hope that you are on the same page as we are at the moment. 

4. HubSpot CRM

hubspot crm tool for digital marketing

Talking about online marketing tools for businesses, and if we miss HubSpot CRM, it is an offense. Just KIDDING!

We all are focused on growing our business. We all know what is the importance of lead generation, right?

HubSpot CRM takes care of every minute detail of your business, like logging all the emails, maintaining your data, and recording your calls. These activities performed by HubSpot CRM lead it to be the most used and ranked CRM software in today’s digital world.

HubSpot CRM is 100% free forever, and it comes with other natively free features that are essential for a business to grow. It includes email marketing, meeting scheduler, forms, email tracking, live chat, etc. 

We know that these aren’t enough tools to speak about digital marketing tools to grow business. Like BuildFire, ConvertKit, Cortex, AsEspresso, etc., several other tools can become beneficial to your business. But, as said, we have listed the tools which we have used for our business growth. The ultimate goal of listing these digital marketing tools is to understand how digital tools can become handy in your business growth.

At the academy for the digital marketing courses, we keep spreading awareness about digital marketing & its importance and ensure that the students are always equipped with the essential knowledge regarding the concepts & tools.  

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