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Top Digital Marketing Certificates To Boost Your Resume

November 5, 2020
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Got a Digital Marketing Certificate?

You’re HIRED!

Digital marketing has always been an exciting field to work in, filled with talented experts who specialise in one aspect of the industry or multiple. 

HR managers are looking for such talented experts – who are up-to-date with the latest trends, tactics and news. Have you tried your luck getting into an agency and not had luck? Maybe it’s because you lack the relevant skills on your resume. 

Yes, digital marketing calls for a very specific set of skills – and certifications for those skills could give candidates the edge they need to find a job in 2020. 

Here are a few digital marketing certificates to boost your resume:

1. Google Garage


If you’re a newbie in the digital marketing field, start your learning journey with the comprehensive Google Garage certification. 

It’s a simple learning platform, where you can find valuable courses on many fundamental concepts of digital marketing such as branding and building an online strategy.

2. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification


Social media is a powerful tool, but also a very saturated space. This means employers look for candidates that are committed to continually learning and staying ahead of the game.

Hootsuite is the most popular social media management platform among marketers, so why not learn from the best?

Hootsuite offers online social media marketing training for all abilities. You can choose to move from the introductory course all the way to an advanced social media strategy certification.

3. Facebook Blueprint


We all know how big Facebook is. It has around 270 million users in India alone. And social media marketing is one of the core branches of digital marketing. Learning about Facebook marketing will certainly help in the long run for a digital marketing career.

Facebook has its courses and certification programs, where it teaches people how to use Facebook properly for marketing. It already has over 6 million enrolments so you can understand how in-demand and valuable it is.

After learning about Facebook marketing, you’d be able to run successful ad campaigns and promote brands by using this large platform.

4. Google Ads Certification


Given that Google’s tools are in use in almost every digital marketing agency, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with them. 

A strong Google Ads campaign can make or break your marketing plan. Most importantly, advertising on Google generates quick results for business looking to boost ROI.

To pass the program, you are tested on your basic and advanced knowledge of Google Ads. You need to comprehend concepts like the value proposition of online advertising, campaign setup and management, measurement, and optimization.

5. A full-time PG Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program


If you’re up for the ride and have enough time on your plate, there’s no harm in going for a post-graduate in digital marketing course – one that will help you transform your career. There is such a course at the Academy For Digital Marketing Courses (ADMC) – a course spread across 4 trimesters and rooted in exhaustive research and experiential learning. It will prepare you for a successful career in digital marketing. 

Learning digital marketing skills can do wonders for your career. It can help you get better pay, better opportunities, and better security in your job.

So go ahead, get a few digital marketing certificates to boost your resume and click-start your career!

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