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Top content marketing trends for 2021

February 17, 2021
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Are you all tired of reading content that asks you to keep your past aside and focus on the future to come? This line has become the best line to start any blog/article on the internet today. 

After a time, if we read similar articles, blogs, etc., we might feel bored. In such situations, if you find something new shared on the internet, you feel excited to read/go through the content to gain the knowledge shared in the content. Do you agree with us?

2020 was a challenging year, with many businesses/brands shifting their focus on digital marketing, mostly adhering to content marketing, to promote their businesses. Remote work now being a norm, it has become a little important for brands to have their existence on the internet.

Every brand/business tries to gain engagement/interaction with its target audience. To do so, they try to use various content marketing tactics. Forget about what worked in 2020 and what didn’t. We are here to help you learn the top content marketing trends for 2021. You can pick up any of these tactics and start promoting your brand if you wish to stay at the top of your target audience’s mind. 


Top Content Marketing Trends to watch in 2021


1. Make a habit of planning strategies for content marketing.


Twitter is one of the social media platforms that can help brands stay at the top of the list if you use the trending hashtag concept properly. Except for Twitter, all other channels do not have any such format where we find trending hashtags every day and brand developing content on the same day. 

We understand that brands create content ‘On a Fly’, but if you wish to stay at the top of your content marketing, you need to have your strategy pre-planned and documented. You might wonder why we are forcing you to have documentation done? 

Previous studies have proved that brands grow well when their strategies are pre-planned (Except for Twitter) and documented. The key major difference between a most successful brand and least successful brand is the documentation of the strategy. 

No doubt you can shift/change the strategy. We will see a tremendous rise in the number of brands having their strategies documented and content drafted to avoid last-minute delays.

strategies for content marketing

2. Live Video Streaming


You might be surprised, but live video streaming is one of the best content marketing trends that we saw in 2020, and the same will continue in 2021. You might wonder why?

There are nearly 5.11 billion unique mobile phone users. Video is the best format of content on mobile phones. You can easily engage your target audience by spreading your content in the video format. 

Though not all unique mobile users have their existence on social media, social media videos do get viral on other platforms like WhatsApp. We have seen so many Instagram Reels shared on WhatsApp and other conversational platforms. And we do get attached mentally and emotionally to the videos. Do you agree?

Also, each one of us can create live video content easily. We have seen so many people going live with their natural backgrounds on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, etc. We feel it has become a norm to use Live Videos as a content marketing tactic to promote a brand. 

We say Live Videos, one of the content marketing strategies, is here to stay for a longer time. We might also be able to quote that it is the future of content marketing

Video Content Marketing Trend

3. Mobile-friendly content creation


As said, there are 5.11 billion unique mobile phone users in the world. Since most of us rely on our mobile phones to read/watch content on the Internet, we must create a better user experience for the users visiting our site. 

You know, today, Google indexes your site based on your site’s performance on mobile phones. You need to ensure that the themes you utilize for your site are mobile-friendly. Additionally, the content you publish on your site is user-friendly. Visitors must not feel bored of reading the content. 

Tips – Use bullet points, headers, small paragraphs, etc., in your content. 

Mobile Friendly Content Trend

4. Usage of stories on social media channels


As we all know, stories have been in our content marketing strategy for a more extended period now. And we feel that it is still going to be in the marketing trends for 2021

Though we say that social media story is a veteran strategy, it is not easy to engage your target audience. You need to cover the top 3 things in your stories while promoting your content using social media stories. 


Top 3 things to know about Social Media story promotion

1) Content must be precise and concise. The content must be highly interactive.

2) The images used in the stories should be attractive.

3) The size of the graphics should match the desired size. There should not be a case where the image or content is going outside the story.


If you are successful in designing the stories maintaining the brand tone, color, and the things we mentioned above, no one can stop you from excelling in your content marketing strategies in 2021. 

Do you know stories are the best format to create the best experiences for your target audiences and spread awareness about your brand? 

Though there are many other content marketing strategies you can implement in 2021, these four must always stay at the top of your content marketing plans. Other strategies that you may plan include content marketing using SEO strategies to remain at the top in Google search results stay focussed on your business goals & promote content accordingly, etc. 

Nevertheless, we at the Academy for Digital Marketing Courses have devised several digital marketing courses including short term and long term courses that can benefit you in several ways. You can span through our courses and select the one that seems suitable for you to gain the skills to grow your business/brand. 

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