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Reeling from the effect of banned apps? Here’s Instagram Reels to the rescue!

August 12, 2020
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Introduction to Instagram Reels.

With the ban on Chinese apps coming into full force, creators have been looking for ways and means to reach out to their audiences. While there are a lot of local options, Facebook and Instagram finally decided to do something about it – they rolled out Instagram Reels, a new way to create entertaining short videos, reach new audiences, and be part of cultural moments.

Want your 15 seconds of fame?
Reels are 15-second short videos you can create, that could make your followers go. Make creative use of some of the tools in it, like AR filters and songs, and you could be part of a viral moment in no time!

How to use Instagram Reels?

Quite simply, you swipe to the Instagram camera. You’ll see an option, ‘Reels’, where you can begin creating your content. There are a bunch of creative tools you can use to make those 15 seconds engaging and entertaining:

1) Add music from the Instagram music library
2) Speed up or slow down your Reel – depending on what you are going for
3) Use any of Instagram’s effects on any number of clips
4) Try the timer for a hands-free shooting experience
5) Add ghost overlays for wacky transitions

Where can you share it?

Share your funny, witty Reels to the Explore tab to reach newer audiences. To reach your current followers, you can also share it to your Instagram feed.

How will Reels benefit brands/influencers?

A recent report* suggested that over a billion people worldwide use Instagram. One-third of the most-viewed stories are from businesses*, and Reuters recently found out that Instagram is likely to overtake Twitter as a news source next year. Instagram is already a part of multiple businesses’ digital marketing plans, and it only makes sense to include Reels as a part of it – as it opens up fresh branding and sponsorship opportunities. So, don’t fret over the loss of opportunity with banned apps – just reel in this new opportunity!

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