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How To Reach Your Audience Online During Covid 19

December 16, 2020
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It has been a year since the first case of Coronavirus, or Covid-19 was detected. And what a year it has been since then! No seer nor new-age Nostradamus could have foreseen the complete upheaval of normalcy the year pushed on us. The pandemic consequences have been plenty, and one need not be reminded of the glaring negatives and downfalls we have faced – as individuals, in families, and even as part of systematic organizations and businesses. Every aspect of human civilization took a hit – and businesses were no different.

However, as a marketer or digital entrepreneur in 2020, this year has been the biggest learning for a simple reason – it unearthed our basic emotions, stripping us all of social facades and expectations – until we showed our truest colours. And universally, if there is one true colour we all sported, it was one of reaching out and wanting to stay connected. Which is why it comes as no surprise that everyone went digital this year. We all took to social networks and video platforms like fish to water – yes, even the ones who initially struggled, have found their place on a digital platform of their choosing.

So, what does this mean for a marketer?

Simple. It means, old-age techniques of reaching out to your consumers are dead now, and redundant. How to reach your target audience online is now more than just about their likes, dislikes and interests – it is now about communication. Listening to what people are saying around the world is what matters a lot. We have all undergone something powerfully dreadful together, and have still managed to escape unharmed. That says a lot of our flexibility – and it also says a lot about what we respond to. And that is what marketers must tap into.

If you are one of the millions looking to grow your business during Covid-19, here are some simple yet effective ways to reach your audience online during covid 19

1) Offer Skill-Based Training


The pandemic might extend for a while. As sobering as this fact is, it has also become an opportunity for people to gain new skills – especially one that might come in handy once the virus is done and dusted. When looking for ways to reach your audience online during covid 19, seriously consider offering up educational training – hands-on, if you can afford it. There is a vast market for it right now.

Ways to reach audience online during covid 19

2) Join the Digital Brigade


If you haven’t done so already, which is highly unlikely in the twenty-first century, then you must – and we cannot harp on this enough – you must take your business to a digital medium of your choice. Whether you are running a small, home-based design and décor studio, or an established business with a powerful legacy – the digital world is your oyster, and you get to be the pearl within. If you want to grow your business during Covid-19, go where your consumers spend the most time – online.  

3) Ace Your Social Media Game


Is your business on Facebook? Great! Hop onto Facebook LIVE once in a while. Are your posts not getting enough traction on Instagram? No worries – add relevant hashtags, tag the right people, and tap into their treasure trove of Stories. Better yet, use captions that are Covid-19 friendly; that boost morale without sounding preachy. If you’re wondering how to reach your target audience online using Google, then create and update your Google Business Profile, write relevant blog posts with the right keywords, or use Google Adwords to reach your audience with ease! The point is, be where your audience is, and make the most of that platform.

4) Relevancy is Engaging!


Over the last few years, social influencers have become all-powerful, all-knowing entities whose social audiences follow and listen. If your business is one that caters to a set of easily-influenced audience, it’s best if you indulge in proper research on the influencers available for your field. Picking the right one may be tricky, but remember to not just go by numbers, but by how they engage with and influence their followers as well. And remember that consumers are smart, and can often look through blatant advertising. It’s best to create communication that matters to them and provide solutions in the form of your product or services, via the influencers.

Reaching your audience online during covid

These are just a few ways to reach your audience online during covid 19. No two marketing plans can be the same. In such unprecedented times, you must be open to the slightest change in consumer perception and demand – and be ready to push and tweak your plans accordingly. May the most dynamic and innovative plans triumph!

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