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How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

February 1, 2021
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If you are familiar with the famous childhood story of The Tortoise and the Hare, then you already understand the difference between the long, yet determined way towards a goal, and a shorter, often street-smart way of reaching the same goal. But that’s just a story, isn’t it? Actually, no. 

Here’s a simple enough example of how relevant it is in today’s day and age. Consider creating a new Instagram handle. You have all the right pictures, captions with well-researched keywords, follow and tag the right people, and post relevant content – and yet, you are far from having your goal number of followers – say, 10,000. This is the organic, or long way of going about it. The shortcut here, would be spending a couple of thousands for an immediate jump in follower base.

Although, you did just achieve your target – in less than half the time too – but, was it worth it? Will your ‘paid followers’ add any value to your handle? Are they even the ones you wanted to connect with in the first place? It comes down to the moral tale – should you persevere and win, or sit out while a simple click can get you your rewards?

If perseverence is what you prefer, congratulations – you have already made a good decision as a digital marketer. So, now that you have decided to grow Instagram followers organically – the normal, hard way – how do you really go about it? 

Tips to grow Instagram followers organically

1. Inspire Creativity

All your content – from the captions you write, to the photos you upload, to even the hashtags you use, must be creative enough to be noticed. While simply being noticed might not be the best goal, the aim is to create content that is both informative and entertaining – and mostly, relevant to the audience you are targeting. Make sure to take cues from the content they regularly interact with, and test your own strategy against that. 

Creative Content to grow instagram followers organically


2. It’s All About Storytelling 

What is your brand’s story? Where and when did it start? Why this brand? Why now? A platform as visual as Instagram requires a new take on regular storytelling. Nobody wants to know what your brand’s purpose is – they want you to show them what it is. Walk the talk is how this platform operates, and if this is where you want to gain followers, you must speak its language. But remember, there nothing more off-putting than an inauthentic brand. Stick to your roots, and let your raw originality do wonders.

Instagram Storytelling to grow followers organically


3. Consistency is Half the Battle Won

Do your research thoroughly. Know when your target audience is online and engaging with content the most, and post relevant content just then. When wanting to grow Instagram followers organically, keep a regular posting schedule. Give them something to keep coming back to you. A consistent experience ensures trust and reliability, and the key to organic Instagram growth lies right there.


4. Rope in Advocates 

Influencer Marketing has seen a surge like no other, and rightly so! Consumers trust those who look, think and speak like them. And no one does this better than an influencer they voluntarily choose to follow. In your quest to get more followers on Instagram, we recommend looking at partnering with the right people, who might also be able to provide more insightful perspectives to your brand.

Instagram influencers recording herself to grow instagram organically


5. Conversations for the Win!

Know what your consumers want to view and interact with, the conversations they are a part of, the causes they support, you must be in the know how for it all. A 2020 Sprout Social Index claims that consumers interact with photos (68%) and videos (50%) the most, which adds a classic insight into their behaviour that your brand must tap into – and that is how you will grow Instagram followers organically

Instagram and any visual-based platform are only said to grow in popularity and most importantly you have to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2021 to completely dominate Instagram. So now is the time to get your brand up and going, ready to take on any new innovations and platform updates.

ADMC also offers an Instagram marketing course that focuses on creating an Instagram growth strategy for brands & how to implement it. So this is the best time for you to learn & dominate the biggest social media platform on the planet for your brand.

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