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How to get a digital marketing job with no experience

October 9, 2020
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Getting into digital marketing?

Confidence + skill > experience.

You’re a fresher with an arts degree. But somehow, digital marketing fascinates you and you want to get into the industry immediately. 

“Oh you won’t get a job. What experience do you have? Do you even understand digital? Arts degree? Hah!”

Don’t listen to any of them. You can get a job in digital marketing with no experience. There are plenty of people out there getting great jobs at top-notch companies with very little ‘official’ experience.

The one great thing about a career in digital marketing is that it is a dynamic industry. From startups to SaaS companies and digital agencies, new companies (and job opportunities) are opening up every day. They’re changing the way we do business and have changed traditional career paths entirely. 

As the industry grows, so does the skill gap – according to a DMI report, there will be 150,000 jobs by the end of this year, but not enough professionals to fill those positions. The best part? You can LEARN these digital marketing skills without having to pay through the nose for an expensive college degree. 

Here are 3 important things you MUST do before getting a job in the digital marketing industry with no experience

1 ) Before Digital Marketing Skills – learn Soft Skills


It’s true. A Washington Post report about Google’s employees from a couple of years ago showed that most employees’ characteristics of success are all soft skills – being a good coach; communicating and listening well; possessing insights into others (including those with different values and views); having empathy and being supportive of co-workers; being a good critical thinker and problem solver; and being able to make connections across complex ideas.

So in that interview, ensure you just convince the employer of 2 things – you’re a good person, and you can do the job. 

Choosing Digital Marketing Skills

2 ) Now – what about Digital Marketing excites you?


Ask yourself these 5 questions:

What do I like doing?

What am I really good at?

Am I better working alone or collaborate with others?

What skills and strengths do I currently have?

Am I more creative or more analytical?

There are a number of different digital marketing disciplines, each carrying its own unique career path.

Although you can’t afford to be too picky when applying for your first job, matching your current interests and strengths to a digital marketing discipline that you like will be the most rewarding. There are a number of disciplines you can choose from – Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Digital Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Creative and so on. 

Different Skills In Digital Marketing

3 ) Teach yourself the basics of Digital Marketing


Once you’ve decided what discipline you’re more likely to enjoy, start learning! Given that there are a plethora of options for certified courses online, you can take any one and put it on your resume. For instance, the ADMC (Academy for Digital Marketing Courses) has a number of options, from digital marketing full-time courses for freshers to part-time courses for working professionals. 

If you take care of these 3 points before jumping into digital marketing jobs, you’re sure to succeed at getting one. You can even begin your career as a freelancer – a lot of clients look for freelancers for their projects. It’s not hard to find a job in the digital marketing industry – all you need is the drive to succeed!

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