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How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm In 2021 ?

February 3, 2021
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Are you fed up with growing your Instagram followers? Are you failing in finding the right way of beating the Instagram algorithm in 2021?

Then you have landed on the right post. We have penned our thoughts based on our previous experience. We are sharing some of the best tips on how to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2021. Do share your reviews with us if it sounds interesting, and it works for you. 

We all have been using Instagram for a long time. We have seen Instagram introducing several features on it for people/brands to engage their target audience. 

After researching and using Instagram for years, we have now found a few tricks that can grow your follower base on Instagram and allow you to get a better reach. The tricks we have listed below will turn the Instagram algorithm in your favor. 

If you are keen on learning them, keep on reading this blog till the end.

How the Instagram algorithm works in 2021 and how to beat it?

1. Engaging your target audience will be the key in 2021 


If you want to grow your instagram follower base in 2021, engaging your audience will play a major role. You will have to spend time engaging your audience on your posts. 

You will have to start asking questions in your captions, respond to the comments you receive, and continue the conversation with your audience in the comment section. 

It is important to engage with other users on Instagram too. You need to find an audience similar to your niche and engage with them by commenting on their post. Remember, when we say a comment, it’s not just ‘Thanks’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Nice Picture’, etc. You need to make sure that you have gone through their post thoroughly and read the caption. After doing this, you need to frame your comment so that it will engage the user with you in their comment section.

Just one piece of advice here, ‘DON’T SPAM!’


2. Tell your story to the Instagram users  


Gone are the days when Instagram was used for posting pictures and using its filters. With the new age of Instagram, you can tell your story to engage Instagram users on your posts.

We have seen several users using Instagram as a microblogging platform. They share their experiences, drop advice, and tell stories effectively.

As said before, you can try to engage the audience with an engaging caption. The caption has become an effective tool, and we suggest you utilize it. 

If you are running your business or a freelance blogger, then Instagram becomes an additional platform to share your content.

storytelling content for instagram algorithm in 2021

3. Define your target audience whom you want to reach 


We usually keep this step as the first step before working on the creative part of the post. 

You first need to define who your target audience is? What are they looking for? Where are they coming from? How old are they?

Once you have answers to these questions, you will know what your target audience is looking for, and then you can take advantage of engaging your audience. You can also run ads to reach an audience on Instagram or grow instagram followers organically with these organic growth instagram tips.

Note: Don’t waste your time to target everyone on Instagram. It’s impossible to engage everyone present on Instagram.  

who's your audience on instagram

4. Focus on relevant & smaller hashtags 


There are millions of pictures posted on Instagram every day with millions of hashtags. How can you stand out among the crowd?

Forget about the bigger hashtags (except the brand hashtag), and start utilizing smaller relevant hashtags on your posts. Using relevant hashtags will help you engage with the audience specific to your niche. 

It would be best if you took the time to research the hashtags and list down hashtags relevant to your work. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in each post. So, we would suggest you use all 30 hashtags. 

Avoid listing hashtags that are irrelevant to your niche. Using such hashtags will lead you to land in a situation where there is no increase in your follower base.

The power of hashtags on instagram

5. No follow-unfollow game 


Years back, brands used to invest their time in the follow-unfollow game. But if you want to crack the Instagram algorithm in 2021, you need to avoid falling prey to this game. 

Instagram limits you to follow/unfollow only 50 people during a day. And if you try to follow/unfollow more than 50, Instagram will block your further related activity for the rest of the day. 

So, be smart and don’t play such games. It will undoubtedly create a wrong impression in the mind of the users.


6. No fake followers/spam comments during 2021 


We have seen influencers/brands raising their fake Instagram followers to match the number game. But, it is better to have less relevant followers rather than having fake followers in your account. 

Additionally, avoid spamming on target audience’s posts with unwanted comments. It will not increase your brand value, nor will there be any increase in your number of followers on Instagram. 


7. Use all the latest features introduced by Instagram in 2021 


Instagram has introduced some of the best features to reach your target audience in recent years. The best example is ‘Reels’. 

Reels can help you create better awareness of your products/services you offer. Additionally, if you have used better hashtags with engaging captions, then no one can stop you from reaching your target audience on Instagram.  

Note: Instagram reels is one of the best feature that will stay at the top for a while until Instagram changes its algorithm or introduces any new feature.

Using instagram reels to beat instagram algorithm in 2021

8. Increase the usage of videos 


As users of Instagram, we all know that we love to watch videos rather than reading stuff on graphics. This is a hint for you to understand that start promoting your brand using videos (Instagram can post videos of a maximum of 10 minutes on IGTV, except Instagram Live)

using video content to beat instagram algorithm in 2021

9. Use Instagram stories in 2021 


You might wonder how stories will have the same value in 2021. But, mark our words, if you have created a better flow in your stories and keep your users engaged with your stories, there are higher chances of gaining a good number of followers in 2021. 

Note: Use a maximum of three hashtags while posting a story. And try to use Instagram Highlights in 2021.

Summing Up 

We have tried to list as many tricks to beat Instagram Algorithm in 2021. Though you might not employ all the tricks in one go, you can try to implement 2 or 3 tricks at a time. 

You can even register for the Instagram marketing course conducted by our experts. Enroll today!

We wish you all the luck.

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