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How Digital Marketing Has Changed Businesses During The Lockdown

September 1, 2020
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Digital marketing is up.

It is official. A Google report has said that more and more people are turning to digital because of the extended lockdown. The Indian consumer especially feels the need to be ‘always on’ while at home, and this has had a major impact in the way brands think up marketing strategies – digital marketing has changed the landscape of business & seems to be getting the major share of the pie.

Building Digital Marketing Strategy for business

Sure, consumers may not be spending indiscriminately at the moment, but they have an endless stream of information right at their fingertips – which potentially means they discover a new business or service every day that could (possibly) satiate their never-ending needs.

And that opens a whole new world of opportunities for digital marketers. But it also brings about a sea change in strategizing. Here’s how digital marketing has changed businesses during lockdown &  risen to be the preferred choice:

1 . Simple is better in the long run

Luxury has given way to utility. And what better channel to focus on utility than digital marketing? Targeting is more focussed, and you can sell your product to exactly the audience that you want. They aren’t going anywhere, so they’re likely to spot your product/service sitting at home even more than before. Keep it simple, keep it targeted and even better, track RoI instantly.

2 . More spending on digital tools

This follows as a direct consequence of the first point. Most businesses have put focus on business continuity during the lockdown – and it is digital strategy that’s helping them put it in place. That is why the priority these days is digital transformation, for most organisations. This would have a lasting effect on consumer buying behaviour. Online buying channels will replace the brick-and-mortar ones, thus, necessitating companies to invest in online collaboration tools apart from planned digital strategies.

Using Digital Marketing Tools for Business

3 . It is the rational choice

Brand reputations might not be what people pay for anymore. It’s all about the essential items, only what you need, and not what you want. Marketers will have to focus on purpose to garner goodwill from their consumers. That’s why strategies will have to be rehashed – as a brand, if you’ve used the time to build your reputation over the years, you’ve got a head start, but you still need to be in the moment and think of the future. That’s where digital marketing comes in – it is the most prudent channel of communication for any brand at this point in time.  

So, we believe, even if the world emerges, slowly but surely, from the lockdown, digital marketing will continue to play a major role in marketing strategies going forward. Where else can you track your marketing performance and RoI almost instantaneously? In the post-pandemic world, that’s a huge boon to have. 

Here’s to digital marketing… here’s to the future!

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