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Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs In The Industry

November 20, 2020
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The Digital Marketing Jobs EVERYONE are after

Digital marketing has such an expansive scope that there will always be a digital marketing job for someone. Each career pathway in this industry is different from the other, in terms of required skills, aptitude and natural abilities. 

Do you prefer the tech and creative side? Or are your skills more suited towards business and management? It doesn’t matter – there is a digital marketing job for you. However, there are a few that are also rewarding in the long run, and that’s what we’re here to explore today.

Here are some of the most hottest jobs in digital marketing today:

1 ) Content Managers and Strategists


Content is the heart of any digital marketing co. or agency. And it requires skills beyond just writing and social media activity – it touches almost every aspect of marketing. 

As a Content Manager, you may be in charge of social media strategy, managing a team of writers, developing editorial calendars, creating engaging videos, reporting and strategizing using analytics, and a whole range of related activities. You also need to be able to coordinate teams and work with a diverse range of clients.

Content Marketing Manager - hottest job in digital marketing

2 ) Digital Media Manager


This marketing role is concerned with designing multi-channel campaigns to raise awareness about and driving the adoption of a brand, product, or service. Digital media managers are also responsible for deciding the brand’s digital strategy and messaging. 

First, they assess the business in terms of its paid, owned, and earned media strengths. Then, they utilize multiple channels like pay-per-click ads, Google display ads, website/blog, social media presence, online reviews, etc. Every one of these avenues brings unique capabilities to the table, such as brand awareness, customer preference, and trust.

Digital Media Manager - hottest job in digital marketing

3 ) SEM/SEO Specialists


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves techniques like search engine optimization or SEO, pay-per-click, and paid advertising. As an SEM specialist, you would be tasked with ensuring that when your company’s target audience looks for a particular thing online, they see your company in the top results. The continually growing demand for this skill makes SEM/SEO specialists one of the most sought after jobs in India.

SEO & SEM optimization - Trendy job in digital marketing

4 ) UX Designers


User Experience (UX) designers are responsible for the end-to-end development of websites and digital marketing applications. They may or may have a deep technical background or they may be better versed on the design end of the spectrum.

UX designers are focused on understanding the website from a whole marketing experience, and to that end they need to understand audiences as well as have an in-depth knowledge of the product or service a given client offers.

 UI/UX designer working on website

5 ) E-commerce Specialist


To become an E-Commerce Specialist is to become (potentially) one of the highest paid digital marketing professionals in the world. E-commerce has emerged as a cost-effective solution for retailers over the last few years. Since there is no requirement for physical space, a significant portion of the overheads can be saved.

It requires a special set of skills to know how to optimise product pages with proper descriptions and button placements. It helps improve customer experience and increases conversions. And now, in the face of Covid-19, with a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses retooling their strategy, it would pay well to be an E-Commerce Specialist. 

Ecommerce specialist

6 ) Social Media Marketers


Come rain or sunshine, Social Media never backs down. This is one industry that is ever-expanding and changing, and working behind the scenes on some of your go-to social media platforms, is a dream come true for many. So, what do Social Media Marketers really do?

They bring their brands’ stories to life across their social platforms, build their brands’ audience, engage with them, help increase sales or drive traffic to website – the objective of every social media campaign varies. They are also responsible for conducting research on, and analysing data from the audience, while staying abreast the latest innovative developments on every platform.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – there is a vast ocean of opportunities available out there in the industry. So why don’t you just take the plunge and see how you float? 

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