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Good news for freshers – Companies in India are planning to hire you!

March 10, 2021
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Over the past year, we have been listening to news about the companies decreasing their team size to reduce the overall cost. But those days are gone. Companies have changed their mindset after a considerable shift in the position of the market. 

One of the surveys conducted by TeamLease Edtech, which they shared with Economic Times, suggested that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are hiring freshers during this period. The company’s intent to hire freshers has improved by 2.5 times from the lockdown period. It is expected to rise as the economy recovers. 

The top job roles for the next few months would be in sales, digital, and business. IT companies would hire the highest freshers, accounting for 25%, followed by telecom companies (21%) and healthcare. You might find the lowest intent from the travel industry. 

Let us consider the top job roles mentioned by TeamLease Edtech; there are a few things that you need to take care of if you are a fresher. 

Key takeaways for the job-seekers

1)   You need to prove that you have good communication skills. 

2)  You need to prove your efficiency and productivity. 

3)  You need to prove your knowledge. 

Though we mentioned the knowledge aspect as our last pointer, it is the most important aspect for companies while hiring freshers. If you are a fresher and interested in joining an organization into one of the digital marketing roles, there are a few pointers we would like to mention here to keep you ready for the real world. 

Key insights for freshers

1)   Keep yourself active on various digital platforms like social media. It will keep you updated with the latest trends. 

2)  Get yourself enrolled in digital marketing courses to better understand several concepts used in digital marketing. 

3)  Keep patience. You will take some time to get knowledge about everything in digital marketing. Just focus on implementing your theoretical knowledge into the practical world. (The best way is to implement tactics on your personal social media account)


We have seen that freshers lose hope soon if they see something out-of-the-box. As per our knowledge and experience, you need to take it as a task without worrying about the outcome. Not everything we do is successful. We need just one idea to get trending in the digital world. 

We suggest you utilize your time to learn new tactics taught by the digital marketing institutes instead of wasting your time thinking about where it will be beneficial. Brijesh Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President, Talent Fulfillment & Digital, CSS Corp said,

“Freshers constituted a significant section of our hires. The largest chunk of the freshers has joined the organization after October 2020.”


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