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Fill your digital marketing skill gaps in 2021

March 1, 2021
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Digital marketing space is an ever-expanding space for the past few years. You can advance to your own business after acquiring some experience if you take advantage of the rising digital marketing skills wave. It means that if you are properly trained, then the sky is the limit. 

Though digital marketing is not new, it is still young. It has been identified as a growing career path. However, because of the unadvanced teaching syllabus in the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, candidates have to depend on institutes of digital marketing to gather all the digital marketing skills required to pursue their career in digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Skill Gaps observed by the employers today

A study conducted by the Googles Academy outlined some of the basic skill gaps that employers have come across in budding digital marketers. They termed it the Talent Revolution

Some of the key findings from the study included,

1) Marketers’ inability to create content around video format, even after knowing the users’ consumption for the medium. 

2) Some companies are lagging in adopting the new technologies. They have fallen short to connect with their consumers because of this inadequate use of the technology. 

3) From corporate standpoints, there has been resistance from the senior management to leverage tools and technology usage. 

4) Also, it is discovered that even after understanding the importance of digital marketing, companies have avoided leveraging the benefits of digital marketing by not assigning enough budget. 

5) On the other hand, companies that have seen digital potential are far ahead in the competition. 

Here are some of the suggestions that will help you position yourself in the success story of the companies looking forward to investing their time and money in digital marketing. 

a) First of all, find out your skill gap 


Digital marketers need to have a holistic approach to know about multiple things happening concerning digital marketing. 

Considering this approach, you will have to adapt to different areas. You need to think about the areas of your expertise and areas where you are lagging. Like,

How good are you in social media marketing?

How well do you know how SEO works?

Do you know content marketing?

The answers to such questions will help you conclude where you are behind and where you need to improve. This will help you push ahead in the competition. 

b) Focus on digital marketing skills and improving your personality


A resume filled with lengthy education and healthy experience does not matter much in the digital marketing world. It is still a burgeoning industry. 

Instead, you need to highlight your digital marketing skills and the skills you have gained in your previous experience. This will make you the right candidate for the digital marketing industry. 

Remember, it is not the experience that will get you a job; it’s skills that will land you in a perfect position. Recognize it and start using various platforms where you can promote your skills. 

social media marketing skill in 2021

c) Digital Marketing skills required at the moment


Once you have noted down all the skill gaps, you need to start finding solutions for them. Like say, 

1 . Find out an internship to gather the necessary skills. 

2 . Join digital marketing courses to learn the required skills. 

Gain digital marketing skills by training

These courses will lead you towards your desired career and successful journey in the digital world.If you are worried about which course to choose, you can go through our guide on how to choose the perfect digital marketing course.

You first need to think about whether you are an out-of-the-box thinker. If your answer is yes, then think about whether you can apply your creative mind to theory and strategies that work in the digital marketing field. Do you think that you are a team player? Do you think you can think from the left and right brain when it comes to digital marketing?

All these answers will let you know where you are in the present and what all steps you need to take in the future to fill your skill gaps for digital marketing. There are a few other skills that you need to develop alongside digital marketing skills. It includes, 

1 . Leadership skills

2. Soft skills

3. Being incredibly versatile

4. Being innovative

5. Learner

6. Data-driven and user-centric mindset

7. Willingly delegate and collaborate

Adding these skills to your resume makes you a perfect fit for the digital marketing space. 


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