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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus for 2021

February 23, 2021
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The Digital Marketing course syllabus for the certified digital marketing master course covers 20+ modules that will give you a comprehensive picture of the marketing skills, mindset, and knowledge required for digital marketing. Before we go through the updated course syllabus, we would like to discuss the transformation we have seen in the last decade, where digital marketing has evolved.

There has been a considerable shift from classical marketing to digital marketing in the past decade. Previously, the focus was on traditional marketing, where television and radio were considered as a medium of communication. 

With the advent of the internet, digital media has received a great push. Entrepreneurs and organizations from various industries like education, entertainment, IT, and financial services have been focusing on digital as their medium of communication. 

Organizations throughout the world, especially in growing economies like India, have realized the importance of promoting digital platforms. They have constantly been engaging and communicating their brand message to the target audience using digital media platforms. Companies are allocating a significant amount of budget to digital marketing every year. 

On the one hand, if someone asks us the right time to switch to digital marketing for their organization, we would say that this is the perfect time to switch. On the other hand, if you are looking out to level up the game in the current fast-paced environment, digital marketing is the right field for you to choose. There are plenty of opportunities for you if you are ready to amplify your digital marketing skills. 

If you are someone who wants to develop/amplify your digital skills, then read it till the end to get an idea regarding the digital marketing course and the updated syllabus for 2021.

Certified Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

This advanced certified digital marketing course is designed concerning the increasing complexity of the industry. We have divided the whole syllabus into 7 best practices that comprise 21 modules taught during the course. 

7 Best practices involved in designing the course


1. Understanding your target audience 

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is to understand your target audience and their category. 

2. Innovation in the digital industry 

Every day, some tactics go irrelevant, and something new is introduced. It means new tactics that are more efficient are added to the list. 

digital marketing syllabus module

3. Creating a digital asset

This aspect of digital marketing is focused on creating a strategy, build and manage your web to give a good user experience. 

asset in digital marketing course syllabus

4. Performance Marketing 

This section highlights the growth-hacking process using various engaging techniques we utilize that end-up converting into a business. 

5. Engagement

Engagement is becoming one of the important core aspects of any business. Under this practice, the modules are designed to understand the opportunities, limitations, and challenges faced while using the digital medium for engagement.

6. Branding the Brands

The modules under this section are dedicated to opportunities that will allow the creation & sustenance of any brand with any line of business.

7. Data & Simulations

This section focuses on the platforms & tools which will help you to track the growth. 

Strategy module in digital marketing course syllabus

Now talking about the digital marketing course syllabus, it is overall divided into 21 modules that have an exhaustive study material. During the course, interactive learning will help you to get used to the ever-evolving digital world. 

21 Modules of Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Master Course


  1. 1.   The Digital Marketing Landscape

  2. 2.   Understanding your customer

  3. 3.   Principles of Digital Assets Design 

  4. 4.   Content Marketing

  5. 5.   Digital PR

  6. 6.   Digital Content Creation

  7. 7.   Influencer Marketing

  8. 8.   Emerging Technologies of Digital Media

  9. 9.   Search Engine Optimization

  10. 10. Search Engine Ranking

  11. 11. Advanced Social Media Marketing

  12. 12. Email Marketing

  13. 13. Ecommerce Marketing

  14. 14. Mobile Marketing

  15. 15. Digital Media Planning & Buying

  16. 16. Affiliate Marketing

  17. 17. Digital Ad Sales

  18. 18. Data and Database Applications

  19. 19. Regulation, Permission, and Code of Practice

  20. 20. Controlling and Optimizing Digital Media Campaigns

  21. 21. Planning and Integrating Digital Media Campaigns


You can now understand how specific & advanced level understanding you will get after completing this course. Additionally, just to add a cherry on the cake, the ADMC’s advanced marketing certification is validated by the industry, and Digital Marketing Institute pro-certification is recognized by the Global industry Advisory Champions. 

The students and professionals who pursue the digital marketing courses from ADMC get placement assistance after completing the course. Though we do not guarantee any placement, we do promise our 100% assistance. ADMC is already known industry-wide as an institute giving the best digital marketers. Our placement partners include well-known organizations like Liqvd Asia, Hotstar, Ogilvy, WAT Consult, Foxymoron, etc. 

Due to the present corona scenario, all our digital marketing curriculums are organized online. Until we have any further confirmation, you can pursue the whole advanced digital marketing course online. Offline training mode will soon be available for this curriculum. 

Now talking about the basic eligibility required for attending this course, there is no need for any qualification, except basic computer knowledge and surfing skills. You can enroll in the advanced digital marketing certification designed for ADMC for all learners and professionals if you have so. 

If you have any queries or need any clarification, please feel free to contact any course assistant who will solve all your concerns. 

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