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Benefits Of Online Learning During The Lockdown

September 1, 2020
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Let’s get back to school… online!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a school student, whose school is now shut because of the situation. You could even be a mid-management level executive, looking for that online class to boost your CV, which could take you to the top. Either way, there is a new normal that exists – and that is online learning. 

Tens of thousands of professionals and students are glued to computers and smartphone screens as educators enter a new world of virtual lectures, tutorials, and assessments. While e-learning still poses a bit of a challenge to the tutor and the student, it keeps everyone occupied with lectures, live job projects, and assignments. 

Even before our lives came to a grinding halt, e-learning had begun its juggernaut – according to the 2019 Global Learning Technology Investment Patterns report, EdTech companies around the world pulled an investment of $18.66 billion in 2019. And with the lockdown, it will only grow further.

Here’s why you should take an online class, if you can:

1 . Attain transferable skills and competencies

At work or school, professionals and students usually refrain from interacting with coaches/teachers for a variety of factors – peer pressure may be one – but at home, there are no such distractions. You can easily learn and grow your competency at your pace. That allows you to get skills that can easily put you into a great MBA school, or the dream job you always wanted. 

Learn new skills through online learning on laptop

2 . Learn from home while you work from home

Upskilling while you’re at work can be hard – especially if you work late nights. Working from home has given us the unique advantage to develop and enhance our skills as we work. Get ahead of the competition while you can – when the world opens up, the race is only going to get even more hectic.

3 . Trackable performance

Online, every assignment, every project you undertake can be tracked based on a number of parameters. These detailed reports give professionals a clear understanding of what’s going wrong, if anything, and help them improve their performance for future lessons. That’s how you get to the top of the line – by constantly learning, tracking and improving.

Tracking performance in Online learning

4 . Extremely engaging

With the kind of tools and technology at our disposal, online classes are more engaging and interactive than regular ones. Surveys, polls, instant quizzes – these are available across all smart devices. Makes it easier for everyone to learn!

5 . No distractions

Watercooler conversations. Gossip. The pressure of someone behind your back as you work/learn. All gone. It’s just you, the tutor and your lesson. And with the kind of technology at our disposal, it’s easier to learn one-on-one with visual cues and online tools.

Online video lessons on any device We are at the point of a major shift in the way we train and teach. All these benefits of Online learning during lockdown tells us that online learning might be the future, and it is already here, as things stand. This new normal might just be what the world needed. And you, too. On to the next lesson!

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