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Staying relevant is the only way to stay ahead. At Academy for Digital Marketing Courses, we accommodate full-time learners as well as working professionals with an ambition to excel. We offer a diverse set of industry-relevant and tomorrow-ready courses from the digital canvas, ranging from core topics like SEO and SEM, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Planning and Buying to advanced focus areas like Programmatic Planning and Buying, Corporate Strategising and Designing Marketing Techniques.

We align with your purpose and passion for digital marketing. And ensure that you get a first-hand experience of working on LIVE projects, with faculty comprising of some of the best digital marketing professionals in the country. In the current situation the world finds itself in, a lot more people are now conducting business online. It has almost become the norm. So for ventures to succeed, their foray into digital marketing becomes even more critical in this new era.

Be equipped for tomorrow’s career demands. Embark on this evolution with us.

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ADMC Digital Marketing Courses

Transformation is sustained change. It will come from leadership. It will come from reinventing yourself. As W. Edward Deming puts it, “Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival”.

With the pace at which this industry is evolving, there’s literally no time for theoretical knowledge. You have to maintain a culture of transformation. We are listening to tomorrow to meticulously craft futuristic digital marketing courses that align with your purpose and passion, while you pursue a career in digital marketing.

Get first-hand experience of working on LIVE projects, with faculty comprising of some of the best digital marketing professionals in the country. As they say, learning by doing is the only way to keep up. With the Academy for Digital Marketing Courses, you can be certain of:

  • Relevant and future-driven course material.
  • Interaction with like-minded and passionate aspirants.
  • Networking with industry veterans.
  • Learning, understanding, and experiencing the nuances of the industry with an elite set of digital marketing professionals.
  • Staying ahead of your contemporaries owing to upgraded skills and experiential learning.
  • Certification recognised by credible institutions such as IAMAI, Skill Council, etc.
  • International Certification by DMI for those wanting to pursue a career abroad.

ADMC Expert


Understand the insights from traditional marketing and transform them to adapt to the digital marketing arenas.

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ADMC Advanced


Flourish with digital marketing techniques that are accredited by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mediamath/ HTT Pool, etc.

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ADMC Pro / Masterclass

One of the best digital marketing courses that will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to align with the dynamic nature of the industry.

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ADMC Specialist

Get acquainted with the technical knowhow and practical tactics to design strategies with this uniquely crafted digital marketing course.

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Why just learn, when you can also evolve? Our digital marketing courses are designed to best suit your aspirations, schedules and alternate professions. With a plethora of choices available at ADMC, you can chart your own career course, no matter how unique it may be. With the added advantage of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) certification, you can give your career a global boost.


How do I decide which digital marketing institute to apply to?

Define your priorities and research your options. There are many institutions offering digital marketing training courses, but it all boils down to what you seek from them. A few major points you need to consider while shortlisting an institution are: Curriculum, Trainers, Certifications, Industry Connections and Placements.

What is the minimum required qualification to enrol?

Digital Marketing courses aren’t dependent on your prior qualifications. It would be ideal though, if you hold a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification, in any discipline from any recognized Indian or International University

Who should apply for a digital marketing course?

Undergraduates: To acquire an additional skillset, to explore career prospects, to seek part-time internships while learning. Fresh Graduates & Job Seekers: To gain expertise to venture into a niche industry with exciting career opportunities. Marketing Professionals: To understand marketing from a digital lens and expand marketing capabilities. Sales Professionals: To employ digital marketing skills for generating more quality leads. Entrepreneurs: To identify digital marketing strategies that can elevate the business

What does ADMC stand for?

ADMC stands for Academy for Digital Marketing Courses. We’re here to transform careers and create employability.

What is the thought behind ADMC?

We started ADMC with these agendas in mind: Career Transformation Futuristic Training / Education Programs at scale Creating Employability Being the Hub for Digital Recruiters Reaching out to digital marketing aspirants across India Catering to diverse learners by creating customised courses.

What is ADMC’s credibility in India and abroad?

ADMC programs are certified by the industries that are credible across the globe. We have a vocational skill-development learning model in place which gives our students an edge over others. We also prepare our students to pursue further studies abroad and seek employment opportunities there. Our new partnership with the globally-renowned Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) gives our courses and certifications an added edge, which will help transform the careers and lives of the ADMC’s professionals.

What are the courses offered under ADMC?

We have a host of courses to choose from depending upon your interest, objective and suitability. Understand the details better here.

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Student testimonials

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Alok Jhunjhunwala Manager I International Marketing & Communications, Green Business Certification, Inc

    I strongly recommend ADMC to anyone who has an innate calling to pursue the dynamism and adventure that the ever-evolving industry of digital marketing brings you.

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Farida Sham Assistant Manager, Paid Media I Publicis Media

    The beauty of ADMC lies in the wonderful set of digital marketing experts who leave no stone unturned to etch every concept on your mind. The strength of ADMC lies in the meticulously articulated course material that captures everything you might need to know to understand the nuances of digital marketing. One shouldn’t have second thoughts about ADMC being the best digital marketing institute in town.

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Ikshit N. Mistry Marketing Manager I Nearby Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    The training at ADMC has transformed the way I evaluate the digital spends of organisations. The best kind of learning is that which is based on real-time experiences and that’s exactly what learning at ADMC is all about. They assess market failures and enable you to identify how they could’ve been avoided. The professors at ADMC are a mélange of industry experts who give you a taste of digital marketing experience across diverse sectors. I couldn’t have asked for a better course or institute for digital marketing.

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Kashyap Gadodia Assistant Brand Manager Marketing I VIP Industries Limited

    ADMC has the choicest set of digital marketing professionals who are wonderfully aware of the trends, techniques, and patterns that the market is buzzing with. Their knowledge, passion, and dedication towards the profession are uncanny. They go beyond their call of duty and help you with bagging the best of opportunities to thrive in the industry.

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Madhushree Ghoshal Head (Corporate Sales) I Baxter India

    I extend my gratitude to ADMC for being the gateway to my aspirations in the digital marketing industry. The faculty there, which in my opinion is the best you can get in the digital marketing industry, doesn’t let you get comfortable with the textbook knowledge, but encourages you to deep dive into the concepts and align them with everything that is prevalent in the digital world. You become a part of the industry, the day you begin your training with ADMC.

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Rupali Sivakumar Independent Consultant I

    If I have to sum up my experience in two words, I would say, “Unparalleled Faculty!” I was amazed by how they could relate every concept of the extensive digital marketing course to an everyday experience. The course is best suited for working professionals who need to fit their schedule around their job. An investment in a digital marketing course at ADMC would reap you returns that you couldn’t imagine!

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Shruti Upadhyay Search Marketing Specialist I Vovia

    I’m immensely grateful to ADMC for fuelling my passion towards digital marketing with the best skills, techniques, and interactive learning experience. I was able to identify my strengths and ways to utilise them in the most dynamic of industries. In all likelihood, choosing to pursue digital marketing course from ADMC has been the best decision I’ve made professionally.

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Sunith Surendran Associate Director I PHD

    I didn’t want to limit my knowledge of digital marketing to knowing technical jargon. I wanted to understand the crux of every concept and actually get the firsthand experience of working on digital campaigns while I learn. Bestowed with a learned and experienced faculty, that’s easily approachable, and a well-crafted course structure, ADMC is the best digital marketing institute in town. They’re very flexible and adaptive in terms of your schedule and would ensure that you never miss out on learning, for any reason whatsoever.

  • ADMC Digital Marketing Student Vinod Bisht Ad Operations Manager I CX Ventures

    Everything that you look for in a digital marketing institute, ADMC is equipped to give you that and more. A relevant and upgraded course structure, the faculty comprising of industry veterans, the best of opportunities through the placement cell, and an experience that will live with you long after you’ve successfully completed your course. It’s one of the few digital marketing institutes in town that offer a course in Programmatic Marketing and train you to be the best at it. I’m flourishing in my career and I owe it to ADMC.

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